Mr Robot on USA


Aaak, two more months to wait.


S2 starts on July 13. Apparently they did a snap release of the premiere earlier tonight online, but it was only available for a few hours.


I didnt know that they did a snap release. They did do an hour long live Q&A on season one, including some vague answers about where season 2 is headed. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking of? Not saying they didnt show the season 2 premiere but Ive been following things pretty closely and the Q&A is the only thing that I was aware of them streaming.


Seems like they did that thing @Freezer-TPF was talking about:


Yeah I just found out that part way through the Live Q&A, they got hacked by FSociety who proceeded to stream the premiere 3 days early. I watched the very beginning of the live stream but I was afraid it was going to get a bit spoilery and stopped watching, apparently just a bit before they streamed the new episode. Doh!


That is some A-level marketing right there.


I seem to recall wondering if Tyrell was real or another figment of the main character’s imagination, well, I guess that’s answered to my satisfaction in the two episodes aired.

They were a bit of a let down for me, compared to last season. Kind of treading water waiting for something to happen.


I had heard this was weird, but this is one of the freakiest shows I’ve ever seen on TV. I mean it was way wayyyyy freakier than I expected. That whole scene with the pregnant russian woman tied up in bondage, oh man.


Danish. :)


Oh, was the couple supposed to be Danish? I thought they were Swedish. It all sounds funky to me though vs. West Germanic languages like German/English/Dutch (Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are North Germanic).

It was a considerably bleaker couple of episodes last night vs. those of last season. I hope Elliot doesn’t remain near-catatonic all season long.


Actually, the guy was speaking Swedish, the woman Danish with an occasional Swedish word thrown in. (Which apparently is not an abnormal conversation in that region.)

The actor/actress are from Sweden and Denmark, respectively, so I’m guessing they added that just to weird things up a bit.


As a Norwegian speaker who has spent a lot of time in Norway, it’s very common to see people and/or couples speaking any combo of the Scandinavian languages. I wouldn’t consider that weird at all.


Well, weird to the home audience, who mostly only speak 'Murican.



Wow, that was a slow episode yet still enjoyable. I think any painfulness in the slowness for me, comes down to the hinting at various things, and no idea how to fathom how they will work out. Which isn’t a bad thing.


The second season has been a tedious, pretentious slog so far. Hope it gets more interesting.


Yeah… what the hell is going on? I remember when the show used to be about actual hacking.


To be honest I thought Season 1 was kind of a mess. And weird as hell. I appreciated the effort and the very, VERY unique take the show has to offer. It was and is a well made thing, but it felt a lot like … art for the sake of art. Worst case, low rent Fight Hacker Club.


I guess in that sense S2 continues in the same vein. I agree that the series is messy and imperfect, but even now the good still outweighs the bad. I just liked it when it was a little more realistic Hackers and less Fight Club.


I am enjoying S2 so far because I’m kind of a sucker for when a show flashes back and fills in more of the origin story. However, they need to cut the episode lengths back closer to normal length to tighten up the storytelling (I read somewhere this weekend that they will indeed be doing just that, which is great news). The show creator is directing all the eps this season, and you can see how it is getting more indulgent with scenes going on too long, unnecessary short scenes doing work that could be done in other scenes, or too much exposition of the obvious (we get the chess stuff, no need to tell us what it means explicitly…).

I still love how each ep looks like a film, I just don’t think they should each be as long as one.


Re: tonight’s show–“Well, that escalated quickly.”