Ms. Marvel on Disney+ drops a trailer!

Thanks for saying this! I understand the inclination to react by wanting to share the outrage with like-minded people, but I think this is one of those cases where the best thing you can do is ignore it. Those people want attention and they want their hatred amplified: don’t oblige them.

And frankly, I’m okay with not seeing whatever manufactured outrage is being passed around by fringe assholes.


The comic laughed at the haters all the way to #1 on the sales charts, and if the show keeps up this genuine excitement, it probably will too.

Thank you, Tom, for making sure QT3 never became that kind of place. I’m pretty sure it had a formative affect on my life for the better, and this remains one of the most pleasant places on the internet to return to.

Well the second episode was much better than the first. Beginning to warm on the titular actress even if she still speaks very low key and monotonic

Odd, I liked the first episode better than the second. I found the teenager vs. family growing pains theme more compelling in the first episode and the teenage romance love triangle stuff in the second episode less interesting. Both were good but I liked the first episode better. It may just be that I really have grown to hate teen angst/love triangle as a specific plot point b/c it’s been so overdone in YA books and shows lately. I found the 2nd generation immigrant and family issues much more interesting. YMMV.

I really loved how hard they are leaning into portraying how mosques are like. We also haven’t had a lot of mainstream popular culture exposure of how Islam is usually practiced. I imagine given the topic they would exceptionally sensitive to how it is rendered.

Don’t really care about the love triangle, but kept on enjoying the rest. Especially the parts with her family. Really like the actors they picked for this. And I loved that moment of Kamala’s friend guilt-tripping her dad in her attempt to gain votes for the mosque board.

I loved this episode so much. Nakia’s speeches hit me so hard.

I don’t enjoy this stuff either, but it seems this one will pay off. I was thinking the entire time “wow this boy seems really into her…?” and now I know it may well have been he targeted her to get her and the Mom together. Curious to see how this all shakes out.

I’m also a big fan of her lesson learned as a new super hero. She nearly lost the kid she saved while day dreaming about the glory and “likes” she’d be getting. Very well done.

Yeah, the Superhero Scene in this episode was actually quite strong with elements of several classic Marvel riffs, power, responsibility, all that jazz, but with a 21st Century spin.

Oh yea, that superhero scene was so well done.

I live in an very diverse area including many mosques (along with evangelicals, Catholics, etc etc). Unfortunately some local elected officials (sigh) riles up Islamophobia every few years with a certain segment of the population with very incorrect information. IMO we need more depictions of Muslims in the media…

Yeah, no problem at all with it. Its not surprising that a hot older boy with a sweet ride, sweeps a younger girl off her feet. And, in general, that usually does not end well for the younger girl. Anyway it isnt really a love triangle, apparently. It was more of a honey trap, although its still undetermined if it was for her own good or not.

This continues to be utterly charming. Boy did they find the right actor for Kamala!

I will heartily agree with this anytime someone mentions it!

Marvel cast the perfect Ms Marvel, on and off screen.

Yeah, she is amazingly well cast in this role. What a find.

This keeps being good!

I adored the first episode just for Iman Villani and the rest of the cast. But after the second episode, now I can’t wait to see what the writers have in store. I am agog that the second episode spent so much time on the day-to-day life of a Muslim girl and her friends and family, and especially on the specifics of their life before coming to the US. What kind of superhero movie/TV show does that? Invokes the breakup of India and Pakistan in the 50s, and how it’s still keenly felt by millions of people around the world? The combination of cultural specificity and universal themes is such a powerful draw for me, and it brings to mind how Everything Everywhere All At Once was so amazing for similar reasons. It’s the opposite of cultural appropriation; it’s cultural generosity.

And while I realize with every creaky old fiber of my being that this is young adult fare, I don’t care. As a former young adult, this stuff is totally for me! My only misgiving is that now the superhero stuff is ramping up, I’m worried it’s going to get less interesting.


Yeah, this is what I felt was missing in the first episode making it feel very generic and safe, but was delivered by the truckload here.

I wanted to see more of all the cliques at the Eid festival!

Just be careful you don’t catch the eye of the Illuminaunties!