MS Surface


It’s great for when the kids are playing nicely in the living room. I usually stream Dominions to my little note book without any trouble.

Or in bed.


Here’s hoping Apple’s App Store review process relents and lets the Steam Link app through to spite Microsoft.


Digital Trends has a brief review


But the Surface Go can actually run Steam and a lot of games on it, instead of just streaming them from another device :-)

Sure it’s not a gaming device in the least, but apparently the integrated GPU in the Surface Go is 20% faster than the integrated GPU that was in the Surface Pro 3 i7 model. So it’ll be able to easily run stuff like Diablo 3 and anything equivalent to that game and low/medium settings.


The base model is also eMMC storage, while the other models are SSD. So $150 more will get you double the storage (as well as faster storage), as well as double the RAM.



And as usual, if all you need is storage size and don’t necessarily need it to be the fastest SSD, it still has a MicroSD slot.


MMC is much, much slower than any SSD. So I would wait for reviews before buying that 64GB model.

Same with the SDcard slot, need reviews to say if cards stick out or if they sit flush.


For MMC that’s definitely true - though my wife has the Surface Pro 4 with the m3 which I think has MMC memory and it suits her needs for web browsing, document stuff, movies, etc.

The MicroSD slot is behind the kickstand as it always is for Surface tablets though, so it doesn’t stick out at all.


Just looked it up, the SP4 m3 model has a real 128GB SSD, not MMC.


Well ok then!


Best Buy has a $50 gift card if you pre-order the Go.

Not bad. Knocks it down to basically $349/$500.


The Surface Go comes out tomorrow , doesn’t it? I’m surprised there have been no reviews up on YouTube. Is there some kind of review embargo?


Most likely.



The limitations of the CPU and the fact the reviewer gent you really shouldn’t think of it as a PC but more a tablet are worries for me. I was hoping for a cheap surface to do Visual Studio development on abs run my website for debugging, I’m not sure this is it.


Wow. It sounds like MS nailed it with a Surface 3 replacement. Too bad I blew my budget on a new camera/lens.


Yeah, it is indisputably the best 10" laptop you can buy at any price. But it is extremely expensive, comes to $679 shipped for the 8GB model with keyboard cover. Seems like a lot for a slow computer with a small screen.

Unless you really need a 10" laptop for some reason or actually intend to use it as a tablet, you should probably buy a cheap 13" ultrabook instead. And as a tablet, it’s running Windows (womp, womp) and has huge-ass 2013 style bezels.


I bought the original surface and pretty quickly came to that conclusion myself. Been laptops ever since.

I will say the huge-ass bezel looks terrible, but after using my touch screen XPS 15 for awhile I appreciate having some bezel, at least on windows. I am forever closing apps accidentally when I reach up to adjust the screen on my laptop.


That’s a windows sucks at touch problem. Apple fixed it in software with smart edge rejection.