NBA 2018 - 2019


Hah, yeah, I’ll lose Hornets, then. Hooray.

But I mean, I don’t care much, unless they’re playing GSW. Or the Lakers. Or Toronto. or the Bucks. Or the Spurs. Or the Pels. Or the Jazz. And it’s not on national broadcast.

Aww, I’m gonna be disappointed several times, aren’t I?

edit: or the 76ers. Or the Celtics. And maybe the Mavs, just cuz Doncic is kinda fun to watch, too.


Also, now I think I am going to be subscribing to youtube TV…

My cable bill went from 99/month for high speed + basic channels (100ish) and DVR to 130/month now that my deal is up, high speed alone would only be like 60, so…

Why the fuck is cable so expensive.

Though my most likely outcome of this will be I call them and they offer me a better deal.


YTTV is pretty amazing, honestly. That said, in the year I’ve been using it, they’ve had two major evening-long outages. One of which was during the playoffs last year. Maybe even the Finals? Not sure. They gave bill credits after the fact, but still, doesn’t quite make up for missing the live broadcast.

But the year of free and otherwise unlimited DVR for however much shit you want to record is ludicrously amazing all on its own.


There’s a way to get League Pass without blackouts for your local market, if you don’t mind a little fiddling.

Sign up for Ad-Free Time, it’s like $1.99/mo (or at least was when I used it 2-3 years ago). Point your router or computer to their DNS servers. Then go to the league pass site, it thinks you’re an international customer, and now you get a league pass with no blackouts. The only drawback is that you have to pay in Euros, which at the time for me was a little more expensive.

This isn’t a VPN service, so no worries about your traffic getting bogged down there.


Interesting. I’ve actually already got an account with a VPN service that can route me elsewhere.

I do wonder how it interacts with YTTV. From what I could see, buying the League Pass was an option through the YTTV service, which homes in on my region ever X days (and it needs to match up with my billing info, etc., IIRC). I guess buy League Pass through NBA directly via VPN, connect NBA acct to YTTV acct, and watch as though I were an international viewer sans blackout restrictions OR VPN from then on?

Sorry, not trying to make ya do my research for me. Just kinda sounding things out to myself. That might be nice. Just don’t want them to ban me from the service or something after I drop $250 on it :)


They won’t ban you, they don’t really have a financial interest in driving away customers. They’ve done their due diligence for the stupid media market blackout stuff, if you find a way around it… well, they’re happy to take you’re money. You’re from Slovenia anyway, right? ;)


Great Republik of Penbladia eez very far, een Caucalkanstan Mountains near Sea ov Much Glories.


Pipboy here today.


Is Pipboy a regular there or does Bethesda advertise like that all over?


Fallout 76ers



I’m too dumb to be in marketing.

I wonder how much they paid Fultz for that.


It was a fun promo. They had a place where you could get a photo taken too. Lots of Fallout and Xbox One ads. Ran the trailer on the court floor, Country Roads and everything at halftime.

First time I’ve ever seen Simba Cam today. Lmao!

Don’t forget Comcast owns the Overwatch franchise here and Josh Harris is very tied up with gaming too. Owns Team Dignitas… HyperX is a Sixers partner, etc.


Yes, I use League Pass with Youtube TV. It works great via my Samsung TV as well as my Xbox and PS4.


Shams bomb: Butler going to Philly.


Legendary exit:


That’s a troll account.


This could be great for Philly, or it could be an enormous mistake. Butler is only guaranteed for this year. I am sure they have an understanding for next year, but if things don’t go well, he will walk.

Also bad for Fultz and Simmons. Butler can play off the ball, but has been the main ball handler in Minnesota, and Simmons is most effective as the primary ball handler.

76ers gave up some of their effective bench players and Saric who hasn’t been having a good year, but has promise.

That being said, they have added a top 10 player, and if they have chemistry and they get a long term deal, then they could be one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference easily for years to come.

Butler was pretty vocal about wanting to play in NY or LA. I hope LeBron doesn’t come calling in the spring. The sixers can offer a bigger contract, but nothing is guaranteed until pen hits paper.


Sixers still gonna have an issue spacing the floor, though. Covington was a solid shooter, and Saric, well, could have been. He almost cracked 40% 3P last year; if he’d kept up momentum there. . . well, could-have’s and would-have’s, right?

I mean theoretically Fultz might remember how to shoot and JJ Redick some much needed rest in that regard. Not looking great on that front so far, though :-/


Covington is a big loss, but Butler is a big upgrade anyway. If things click and they get a 5 year deal out of him, this was a good trade.