Nearly-free random hardware to good home


I upgraded my pinball machine from a 750 Ti to the new 1050 Ti.

Whoever wants it can have the spare GeForce 750 Ti, just paypal me $20 to cover shipping and it’s yours. This card is unique in that it does not require any extra power pin connectors so it is ideal for some basic Dell or other PC without a video card capable PSU.


Nice move wumpus!


I have this card in my wife’s computer as it has a weak ass PSU. It’s decent. Plays WoW just fine at 1200p. The Division had to be run at low-mid settings for good FPS.


If it’s still available I’ll take it, as long as it has two DVI out. Or ouputs that can converted to two DVI with an adapter or whatever. PM me your paypal address if so.


I also have a 256GB Corsair Neutron XT SSD that I don’t need for the same reasons (I swapped with a Samsung 850 Pro in the pinball rig). Freshly formatted, barely used by me anyway.

Whoever wants it and is a qt3 member in good standing can have it, same rules, just paypal me $20 to cover shipping and it is yours.

The XBOX One

I’d like to get that SSD if it’s still available. PM me your paypal address. I assume it’s easy to transfer after I have that.


Just like to say that you’re quite the good human being for doing these offers, wumpus.


Agreed. His super-cheap 290X offer kept me gaming through some exceedingly slim times, financially, and is still trucking along, in great shape, to this very day. Mangled backplate and all ;)


Probably saved you a bundle on heating in the winter, too!


Between that and the new “lint box” I’m relying on for my dryer (oh lord that’s a story), I don’t expect to even need to turn my heater on this year.


I have some more random crap to give away. This is cheaper stuff so the PayPal in will be less.

These are brand new pulls from that XPS 9650 kaby lake laptop I bought and upgraded right after it arrived:

1TB 2.5" laptop HDD - $10 paypal
8GB DDR4-2400 (4gb x 2) laptop memory – $10 paypal

I replaced the drive with a 960 Evo 1TB, same slot.

PM me if you want any of this…


OK I have a Liliput 7" USB monitor up for grabs, it is this one:

PM and PayPal me $15 if you want it.


Curious were using the 7 inch USB monitor for? A status board? Interesting product.

Edit: Actually I just thought of a fun project it might work in, going to PM you.


Aha, OK will get it mailed out early next week!


I’m still curious what you were using for. Is it just a way to get yet another screen when you use up all your regular video outs, or was it part of some kind of appliance or mini-mame cabinet or something?


I will give you a hint about what’s going on… think “before” and “after”


Awesome, I’m thinking along similar lines.


OK! I have a Zotac 1050 Ti Mini card available to a good home. This is a very fast and modern 1080p capable gaming card, 4GB RAM, does not require any power connectors as it does not draw more than 75w.

$40 and it’s yours, inclusive of shipping.


I know someone has a better need or application for this, but if no one comes forward, then I would totally be happy with this in my kids PC. They do some gaming and the old ass AMD card in there is a monster that performs way worse than this card.

But small cards are tough to come by so if someone’s building a miniPC, jump in.


I am building a new 2017 mini PC and am interested in 1050Ti, is it gone yet?