Need for Speed Unbound - 2022 What's an A$AP Rocky?

Oof. $70 on PC too. Good luck!

  • Still using Frostbite
  • Offline SP campaign
  • MP with cross-play
  • Free post-launch MP updates
  • Criterion developing
  • Optional “battle pass” stuff not confirmed yet

Amazing, NFS has been terrible since 2015, this very much seems to continue the tradition.

I do like the mixture of hand drawn art on top of realistic images. Kind of cool, very different.

But yeah, I don’t have high hopes. I haven’t enjoyed a NFS game in a long, long time.

Wait, that’s in the game and not just trailer art then? Guess they decided that they’d pushed as far towards sort-of-realistic as they wanted and it’s time to go the opposite then?

Not a choice I’d make and a very long way from my favorite version of the series, Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed.

That’s correct. The graffiti art overlay stuff is in-game.

Wow. That’s “a choice,” I guess. Do they think this is a Tony Hawk game or something?

It’s Need for Speed. This series left “serious” behind a long time ago.

I’d be more interested if it was Aesop Rock.


I daresay this game may not be aimed at the 40+ year old QT3 demographic.

To me it looks similar to the Underground games, with some nicely stylized visuals.

Hey I’m just 35

What I would like NFS to do again is what it did when I was ten years old - the NFS1-4 era. Classic cars, exotic track locations, cop chases, decent physics, cockpit view, custom soundtrack…

Some people claim Forza Horizon does that, but Forza has become so bloated and I grew to really dislike its festival styling, not to mention its progression design is so boring.

But, I guess I resigned to the fact that I will never get NFS I enjoy again. The last one I did was Most Wanted in like 2005, and The Run had a cool concept of racing across the US.

Yeah, I think that’s a great idea and a cool look.

My favorite by far, outside of Porsche unleashed (and there will never be an NFS game like that again, so no point in discussing it). Graphically, this looks fine. We have no real idea of what the gameplay will be like, either from the video or the Steam page.

I’ve got not problem with the visual style or hip-hop aesthetic. Would be great if it turned out to be like a spiritual successor to Midnight Club LA. No expectation that it will actually be good though.

Same, my friend. Same.

Is no one gonna say wtf an A$AP Rocky is?

I liked NFS: The Runs, the one with Saffron from Firefly