Neil Gaiman's American Gods on STARZ


For fans of the book, American Gods looks to finally be making it to the screen, albeit the smaller screen as it’ll appear on STARZ probably middle of 2016. Bryan Fuller and Michael Green will serve as showrunners and writers, with Gaiman also as an EP.

Casting thoughts?

— Alan


Maybe they can get Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy once Hannibal is cancelled after his season ;(

But Fuller is perfect for this material, at least.


Hmm. STARZ. I bet the Spider-Bast sex scene will be like 5 minutes long.


Awesome. I just read this. I’d like to see Anansi Boys as well.


Ian McShane being cased as Wednesday.


Very nice.


Fucking McShane. I bet Michael Ian Black was up for that role.

On a less obscure note, Fuller is a great choice to run this show. Fingers crossed.


What’s wrong with McShane?


Sorry. Obscure reference to the Mike & Tom Eat Snacks podcast ( Tom Cavanagh and Michael Ian Black). Ian McShane is a goofy reoccurring reference – once an understudy for Michael Ian Black and now constantly stealing his roles.


I want that podcast!


When trying to find it, I found this (bolding mine), just to clear up any confusion about the facts.

It sounds like an awesome podcast though, I’ll try to dig it up on iTunes.


I loved Ian McShane in Deadwood. Pretty much hated him every single thing he has done since then.


It’s a great podcast. Funny as hell. Start as far back as the archives allow because there’s some funny bits that they tend to build on or refer back to in later episodes.


Wow, American Gods was my fave read for a full year, am excited to hear that they are making a screen adaptation of it. I hope it does the text justice though, as difficult a read as it was starting out, once my imagination started to piece each character and scene together it was quite the mental-visual masterpiece.


Casting news! Firstly, here’s the current cast listings for American Gods on IMDB. The aforementioned casting of McShane as Mr. Wednesday is perfect, of course. Jonathan Tucker is playing Shadow’s former cellmate. This one I am unsure of. I like him - he was great in Season 7 of Justified - but you know this is an important role. So we’ll see.

Crispin Glover is playing Mr World, which is yes please just get Crispin Glover into it in any way possible. I missed that Emily Browning had been cast as Laura. Sean Harris - perhaps most famously (but not best) seen as playing a stupid scientist amongst a bunch of other stupid scientists in Prometheus - is cast as Mad Sweeney.

News recently is that is that Cloris Leachman and Peter Stormare are joining the cast (Zorya and Czernobog). Part of this case is just amazing. Hope the rest and the writing hold up.


So, I just bought the Audiobook of this, from Audible, and it is pretty incredible so far, I have barely started it, but it seems great. I need to get through this before the show comes out.


For those who didn’t watch Hannibal, Jonathan Tucker played a malignant orderly who put Lecter at peril. Tucker had kind of a shy boy intensity about him, and looked very fit in a speedo. (This peril took place poolside.) Bryan Fuller, who ran Hannibal, must have enjoyed working with him.


Oh my god. Every bit of this is perfect casting. Guys, I think this is actually going to be good.


Mmmmmm… I wonder who they cast for Bastet ;)


Yes, I think he’s got a lot of potential. And the more I think about it, the more I think that his boyish charm will be a great asset.