Neo Nazis and the Alt Right

About fucking time, geez.

The guy may be some kind of musical genius (I guess-- the appeal is lost on me) but he’s a shitty person.

Nope. His “genius” is just guerilla marketing pushing that angle and people too afraid to contradict the story. He was a marketing genius. Not musical or any other kind.

This . . . actually tracks for me. Way before he lost his friggin mind I tried several times to “get into” his music and I just didn’t see anything special about it. I figured I was just too old, but then I really like Lizzo’s music. When he released his runway show of baggy sack clothing in various shades of mud I started suspecting I might be onto something.

Hey, I dissed his music ages ago on here and got shouted down. Where were you guys then?

I hated the dude before it was cool to do so. And have always hated his music. But I dislike all rap so maybe I’m just not woke enough.

High five!

For some historical perspective on Nazi influence (by real-ass 1921-45 Nazis) check out this podcast by Rachel Maddow:

These folks just finished a documentary about Kanye, and they’ve decided they aren’t releasing it, because they don’t want to amplify his hate.

That second paragraph.

So everyone is like “Ye is not a real name?” Not that I care, it’s a stupid name, but it’s kind of noticeable that Ye is his name when we’re playing and being stupid but when things are serious and serious people are talking it goes back.

A lot of it is that I forget and so does nearly all of media.
Also he did it a year ago, while a crazy person.
His business associates often don’t use it a lot of the time.
His political allies don’t use it.
His Twitter handle is KanyeWest.

All that said I do get what you’re saying.

Saying nothing because I do not care at all for the genre he works in, so though I did not see the appeal
or understand the moniker of ‘genius’ applied, I refrained and let people who do care for and know his chosen genre speak of his talent unchallenged.

Which was fine as long as he wasn’t an actual crazy person. Let people like things and all that.

But then he became a crazy idiot (always was?) and so that generosity is rescinded.

It’s this the Kanye west thread? I feel like he’s in a bunch. But anyway, I dug up this old gem.

My favorite part of that clip is the director having to throw it to Chris Tucker to try and regain some dignity to the proceedings.

If the shoe fits.

But according to my FB friends, Adidas is still supporting “biological males in female sports”, among the evils they haven’t gotten around to cancelling ye(t). Reject Nazis, ok… but ladies with big shoulders, AW H*LL NO!

Will he change his name again to Yeet! ?

Well, there’s the danger that he might actually learn something, so…

Holy crap, I do not understand the trainers market. Apparently Kanye was plausibly responsible for EUR 1.8bn of Adidas revenue and half of its profits.

Damn. Even I didn’t know that, and I work for a rival company.

And yes, sneakerheads are… a thing.