Neo Nazis and the Alt Right



He should go to Russia…he may find his ideas have a more receptive audience there.


But the winner is this guy:



Reddit banned /r/incels today. WTF is an incel and do I even want to know?


No. No you do not. I wish I didn’t know either, but it’s too late for both of us now – it’s short for involuntary celibate, and that’s enough for you to extrapolate the rest of their shitty views toward women.


Particularly hateful, sad and bitter MRAs.

“Involuntary celibate” I think.


They hate women but also hate themselves. I’ll just say that if you hear about a guy nailing his dick to a board, that is not a joke and leave it at that.


I’ll give a more complete answer since I find the incels to be one of the most shocking and terrifying things I’ve seen for the future of our society.

It starts out with guys who are ugly, fat, socially awkward, or whatever. They have some legitimate gripes about how they’re treated in our society. They get hopeless and depressed. And then they get on reddit and things spiral out of control.

They whip each other up into a frenzy, encouraging the most pathological thinking.

  • “I’m lonely” turns into “I’m genetically programmed to never be loved”.
  • “Women aren’t always angels” turns into “women are robots”.
  • “I deserve to be loved” turns into “I should be allowed to rape”.
  • “I’m not gonna get laid” turns into “I’m not gonna use my dick, so why not nail it to a board and post photos”.

The incels are the best evidence I’ve seen so far that social media really is turning people insane.


I’d feel sorry for these guys but now ask them what kind of women they’re looking for too. My experience with this odd group that can turn scary pretty quickly is their expectation, read as demands, of women is unreasonably high. I don’t understand how they wound up in this self feeding bubble like that.



Wait. ‘Nail it to a board’ isn’t metaphorical?


I wish it was metaphorical. I also wish I was more careful about clicking on links on reddit. Getting rick rolled is annoying. Seeing proof that that really happened is… not something you can ever unsee.


I think what incels really lack is self-awareness. They feed off each other like boiling crabs in a pot. I also suspect most of them didn’t have a formative and substantial relationship with a father figure or older boy mentor to guide them through relationships. It could be a lack of friends too, and glomming onto other incels in the name of loneliness.

I’ve met some semi incels in real life at nerd events (you know the kind … RPGs, boardgames, Cons, etc.) and what they mostly have in common is they have just given up. They get all fat and greasy, stop bathing, and fall back into the intricate canon of fictional universes like Star Wars, Lotr, Naruto, anime, etc. to escape. They get really into the fiction and become experts in defending their vision of that reality. If only all that time was spent on self improvement instead of self loathing.

But if you have no interest in yourself, why would anyone else care about you? These guys seem to think girls want to surrender themselves to a life of watching their fat greasy boyfriend play videogames and watch TV on the couch. That’s for after you are married, guys! 😉


There is some of that, but most of them are just terrible people.


Who want their girlfriends to look like booth babes, anime cos-players or those women in tight shirts that show up on videos on gaming sites.

It’s not just about self awareness, their ideals are ridiculous. Like they eliminate most women from being real women and then agonize over not getting their due attention from this tiny ideal pool they’ve created… in addition to the self-loathing and hate.



I think the incels are subset who have a culture focused on the hatred part of misogyny. Plenty of the robots on r9k tend to be hopeless romantics or just plain hopeless. Plenty more play up the normie/stacy/chad meme but when you get a real incel they tend to get mocked and insulted.

Vulnerable street waifs or manic pixie dream girls tend to trend above alpha male preferences like you describe, but as you say, its still their idealised version.


I’ve never been so happy to not understand something someone has said. Please don’t explain it to me so that I may find comfort in never knowing.


oh, they are just stereotypes from movies.