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He also did a show called Family Tree on HBO, which only got one season. It had its moments, but it’s definitely a minor entry in the Christopher Guest filmography.


I really liked Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. Spinal Tap too, of course. For Your Consideration was ok but really kind of sad. Haven’t seen Guffman.


I like them in this order: Best of Show, Waiting for Guffman and Mighty Wind.

Of course, if we’re talking Guest the actor, Spinal Tap wins.

Reminds me I’ve been re-watching random X-files episodes and there is an awesome 2-parter (Dreamland) with Michael McKean which is fantastic. He’s really good in that.


I rented Waiting for Guffman after my last post and I would agree with the order.


The Five, a mystery by the people who did Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax, two of my favorites.


Anyone else watch Alias Grace? Binged it this weekend. It’s atmospheric, unsettling, and has some terrific performances.

The timing is interesting, since this must have been in-production before Handmaid’s Tale became such a hit. Netflix is able to latch onto that success with another well-done Margaret Atwood adaptation with similar themes.


I am going to recommend

Secret of The SAS : In their own words

it is getting criticized for reusing some of the lines in the interviews, but I do think it is an interesting take on the soldiers’ perspectives. The opening makes you think it is just another one of “those” shows - but the interviews are good.


This AV club article turned me on to Kill Zone 2 (no relation to the game.) It’s a Tony Jaa lite movie, a little less brutal than I remember Ong Bak to be, a little more wire fu, but considerably less plot wackiness. Well worth your time if you’re looking for a martial arts movie. Here’s a taste (early movie spoilers)


I dunno if anyone else is watching it, but I recommend checking out “Dark”.

It’s a german netflix series… reminiscent of things like It, or stranger things… Reminds me of Primer too.


This was excellent. Loved every bit of it. If you watch, turn off the terrible dubbing and go back to closed captioning. Great series.


Yeah, I watched it with subtitles… I heard the dubbed voices were bad.


The dubbed voices are ok but were out of sync for me and other people I’ve talked to about the show.


I don’t know it this is new news, but:

All the 30 Rocks are gone.
All Lethal Weapon movies are available.


Worst trade ever.


Yeah, you’re right. But I’m watching the toilet bb scene now and it’s a classic bit. Also Lethal Weapon 2 is the first time I saw Joe Pesci in anything and it kind of formed my lens through which I see all his acting.

“His Ok Ok Ok Ok Ok” portrayal is some kind of weasal archetype classic. Just classic. Comepare that character to “Go get your fucking shinebox” character. I’d argue “My Cousin Vinny” is the perfect sandwich of these two characters and thus why it’s his best movie.


Might be late as it’s been out for a while, but this is a great documentary (made by PBS) on the Voyager space probes. A poignant reminder that humans can do some incredible things.


This is a little warning on a documentary called:

Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable

This is setup as a documentary, but it is not real and promotional film for an art exhibit. I think he was going for a Banksy trick, but it comes off way too dry (pun, pun) so if you think you are watching a Nat Geo special you are wrong.

Edit: Venice Art Show itself got mixed reviews:


I’m shocked that a fake documentary about an art show might not be riveting.


The End of the Fucking World is a short (eight episodes at twenty-odd minutes each) black comedy series about a sociopathic boy and a strange girl. It stars the kid from that one episode of Black Mirror with the text messages and the blackmail. It feels like Wes Anderson parody a little too often, but overall it was pretty good! And you can get through the whole thing in less than three hours.


I LOVED Happy Valley. I’ve missed this and Last Tango in Halifax. Thanks!