Neuroshima Hex - February league

Joe Bolt is champion of the February Neuroshima Hex league!

Current players: Click here to generate a pair of random numbers. The first number will choose your team, and the second number will choose your opponent’s team. Use this list:

1 - Borgo (Blue)
2-  Moloch (Red)
3 - Outpost (Green)
4 - Hegemony (Yellow)
5 - Jungle (Olive)
6 - New York (Violet)
7 - Smart (White)
8 - Vegas (Brown)
9 - Steel Police (Purple)

As of page 10

New, interested players: PM me or post to join.

Each of us will play each other person in one game using random teams. The top four players at the end of this process will play in the playoffs so we can crown a champ-een!

[B]Qt3 nick (Game Center nick)[/B]

Dave Perkins (Ananab Tilps)
Lantz (HHPre)
Vesper (Vesper6)
mayachoi (mayachoi1982)
pop58 (garyk58b)
jaygittings (jaygittings)
Joe Bolt (josephbolt22)
dannimal (mrdannimal)
prolix (unprolix) 

These players are not in until they say so:

Trung Trong (Thenafter)
Scribble (Scribble1977)


Q: Who do we play?
A: Play each other player one time. Challenge whomever you like, in any order.

Q: How do we challenge?
A: Choose someone you haven’t played yet, then go up to the top of the thread and click the random number generator. Use the chart to pick the teams. Announce the results, and create the game. Give your game a title something like Joe (red) Vesper (ny) so your opponent doesn’t have to run to the thread to figure out what army he’s playing with.

Q: What’s my reward for winning?
A: The base reward is +1, but players who have appeared in recent playoffs enjoy a boost of +1 in their rewards, so rewards may vary.

Q: Who makes the playoffs?
A: The point system will determine a top four, with ties broken by the “regular season” results among the tied players.

Count me in, please. My goal is to improve on my 0.5 points from the last tourney.

Could I please join? Game Center nick is mayachoi. Signed up to the forum to join the next league actually…

You sure can! Welcome. Starting soon…

I’m going to limit myself to 1 league this month and this one is it.

1 thing I hope nobody minds is I’ll probably will be posting more of my matches to discuss strategy.

My aim in is to improve my tactics and help my opponent too. Unless my opponent is Joe. In which case I’ll just not to be beguile by his charms.

Yikes! TOTAL FOCUS. Unlike me, at all.

Of course I’m in…especially if Trung is going to be giving out strategy tips:)

I’m in, limiting myself to this and Battle of the Bulge league/tournament.

What!?!, I need tips too, my luck will run out very soon.

I’m in. If anyone challenges me and involves the Jungle in the match, I will kick a puppy.

Tempting, what kind of puppy?

There are only eight of us in right now. Don’t you all think we can manage to play each other in a match? That would be 14 games over 20 days for each of us.

In, of course.

Great, now he’s going to focus MORE on strategy.

Hush (type, not directive).

We’ll start soon! Too bz for crz.

Okay, been thinking hard about this, and I wonder what you all think:

Each army will start with a reward of 5 points, so that if you use the army and win, you win 5 points. But each time the army is used, the reward goes down by 1 point. I’ll keep track of it like this:

ooooo Borgo
ooooo Outpost
ooooo Hegemony
ooooo Moloch


and will replace o’s with x’s as the armies get used.

When you choose an army to play with, you’ll wait for another person to choose an army, and then you’ll play each other. So we’ll pair up for games that way. No switching armies and replaying each other like last month.

I’d stipulate that you must wait 24 hours after you claim an army to claim another.

If you win a game, your points earned will not only depend on the army you fought with, but also on how many points you and your opponent have earned so far: you’ll win 1 point if your point total exceeds that of the person you beat, but you’ll win half the difference (rounded up) in your point totals if your opponent currently has more.

For example:

Say I pick Jungle and it has only been used once so far, so if I win my match, I get 4 points for that. But the next person to pick a team is jaygittings, and he has 14 points when he’s matched with me, and I only have 9. If I win, I get 4 points for Jungle plus 3 points for half the difference between his 14 and my 9.

So now I’d have 9 + 4 + 3 = 16 points.

And if jay won, he’d only score 1 point for beating me, but add to that however many points his own team was worth.

Good lord this is probably too complicated. Any thoughts are welcome! :/

I had to read that 3 times. :)

My only concern is the army awards will favor those who get through games faster. Maybe there should be some modification for it being your 1st game of the month vs 10th.

I agree, and while falling asleep came up with a better plan.

We each play each other once, using random teams as you suggested last month. Rewards continue to be based on prior playoffs.

Is that simpler? :D

Sounds like a plan.

Dave, for what it is worth, I think the idea could be worked on and has some interesting incentives (to play jungle for example). I’m good with whatever the rest of the group wants. Maybe go with random now and work on this idea for next month?

And thank you for the ego boost in the example…I chuckled when you had me with 14 points.