New Blizzard game - what is it?

Wild speculation is fun!

Blizzard has announced that they’re going to “make a new product announcement” at the Tokyo Game Show on Sept. 20th.

So what do you guys think it will be? Part of me wants to say it’s just an add-on to Warcraft III, but this is at TGS. TGS is very much console-focused. In fact, I’m not sure they even have a section for PC games. Could it be a new console game? An action-adventure Warcraft game? Something (GASP!) that isn’t Diablo, Warcraft, or Starcraft? (naaaahh!)

But then again, Starcraft is just plain huge in Korea and much of the rest of Asia. TGS might not be a bad place to announce Starcraft II.

Hmm… anyone got any good guesses?

I remember reading that Blizzard has presented PC stuff at Tokyo in the past. My heart is screaming Starcraft 2. My head says, ok, probably a touch too early for a Warcraft 3 expansion announcement…my head’s being too logical. Screw it. I’ll sacrifice a virgin if it’ll make them announce Starcraft 2. Now all I have to do is get my sister to lay down in the pentagram… j/k :D

You’re not suggesting Bill Roper LIED to me in my recent CGM interview… are you Jason?

Something with monkeys!

I know, their new game is Rock and Roll Racing 2! Woot! Pick a driver from among the galaxy’s finest, buy a car, and race RC Pro Am-style on tracks filled with oil slicks, spike traps, and tricky turns, all while fighting off your competitors with guns, missiles, and mines. With ROCK MUSIC in the background!!

Rock and Roll Racing 2 - it’s time has come.

  • Balut

Lisa Bucek at Blizzard swears to me that it is My Little Pony 2, and I believe her.

Of course I’m not sure what happened to My Little Pony 1, but whatever Blizzard touches is gold and that’s good enough for me.

Worlds of Starcraft.

— Alan

“But then again, Starcraft is just plain huge in Korea and much of the rest of Asia. TGS might not be a bad place to announce Starcraft II.”

Well your own mag this month has the question posed to Bill Roper of Blizzard and he says no, maybe in the future. This could be him playing with you and not wanting to give any hints.

I would think it might be something with Diablo though. From what I know ‘Blizzard North’ is the company Blizzard bought when the idea of what would become Diablo was brought to them. They have done nothing but the Diablo games and the expansions since as far as I know. So with the last expansion released a year ago, what are they doing now?

Umm… lying on a beach in the Bahamas? ;)

Diablo 3 for ps2. Thats what I heard it is. They’re going console. But dont tell anybody… its a seekrit projekt!!!1


Nobody ever looks at the byline. :wink:
FWIW I posed that question to Roper in a phone interview. He answered it flippantly but then repeated it in a very “I’m leveling with you” tone of voice. I know enough to take anything a developer says with a grain of salt and to be aware that the best way to keep something secret is to try and throw a reporter “off the scent” by using an “I’m leveling with you” tone of voice, but, again FWIW, I believe his answer. He wishes they were doing Starcraft II, but that isn’t in the cards right now.

Personally I hope it’s something brand new. They’ve created three original entertaining gmae worlds, why not go for four. I like sequels and expansion packs, but I’d rather they shoot for something new and original again.

I’d like them to get into the fps genre… with either Starcraft or Diablo. Would be cool. Or maybe a new fps. Something new… they could use the WC/SC/Diablo franchise names but with a different genre is what I’m thinking. As long as its NOT mmrpg like WoW.


Thinking up excuses why the 1.10 patch still hasn’t been released?

Regardless, I want Diablo 3. Dear God, please let Bill Roper announce Diablo 3 – in 3D with the Warcraft 3 engine. That would make my day! :D

Actually they could be making a BF42 Starcraft game? Could that be the next Blizzard game? Or DiabloStrike… or Covert Diablo Ops… Battlefield Starcraft… which genre are they doing? Or maybe Warcraft Classic Battles 4042-4045, the Zerg Expansion… a grognard hexboard/minitaure game ala Warhammer!


Or maybe just another Warcraft 3 expansion with port to console. That would be boring and ghey.


I heard they were working on a game called CraftCraft, where you get to make your own RTS game. It comes with three template races: the rocks, the papers, and the scissors. You can share your game with friends by exporting it to a self-extracting .exe, but it takes three years to do so.

Wow, that’s a good one. Heh.

i’m thinking “Planets of Starcraft”, or P.o.S. for short.

-mike ‘mlatin’ latinovich

WarCraft Adventures. 8)