New cast for Spider-man 4 and 5

With comic movies it doesn’t matter. The only difference in these movies is the super heroe costume.

Spider-Man has some generally stupid villians, though. You know what I’d like to see, although it would never ever get made? A sort of Blair Witch / Cloverfield Spidey movie, with footage assembled from all the cameras he webs everywhere, maybe one he carries when he web slings, maybe Mary Jane shoots him a little. Keep it realistic as possible and just do a sort of fake documentary about Spidey.

It sounds lamer than it is in my head. Honest!

A film version of Marvels would be pretty awesome.

I agree, but it’ll never happen. At least, it will never happen as it should, anyway. The comic does a great job of showing the costumes for the homemade things they’re supposed to be, and I just don’t have faith that Hollywood would recreate that look that is so characteristic of Marvels.

Spider-man 3 disappointed me greatly so I don’t really care too much what they’re doing with the next movies til they have a trailer up etc.

Apparently Sony still only have Tobey for consideration.

Sony’s head of media relations tells IESB… “No one is being considered for the role but Tobey. Period.”

IESB adds that numerous inside sources and agencies have confirmed that no actor has been contacted for Peter Parker. Prior to this, CHUD caught word from a producer on Fugit’s latest film who said the rumor was totally bunk.

Spider-Man 3 was an amazing, if slightly long, movie.


I must say, I found myself amazed by it.

You will believe a man can cry.

I don’t get the hate for Spider-Man 3. Well, I mean, in comparison to the other two. I found it to be pretty much exactly like Spidey 1 and 2, in that it was a precarious balance between parts that made me go ‘whee!’ (all slinging in Spidey 1, Doc Ock in Spidey 2) and parts that made me look away, a little embarrassed to be there (Peter’s ejaculate filled room in Spidey 1, the entire inexplicable power loss subplot in Spidey 2.) I think that the three movies, with some good editing, would make a good series of HBO specials.

I’m gonna guess they’re going to throw $25 million dollars at Tobey. Maybe even $30 million.

I don’t get the hate for a lot of things here. People are either really gung-ho about something or completely dismiss it

As opposed to, say, anywhere else on the internet?

That is what I was thinking while watching SM3, “Why couldn’t Topher be Spider-Man instead of Tobey.” he just looked more like Peter Parker to me.

In the old days, Qt3 was a notch above the rest of the internet. ;)

It’s not the quantity of our hate that matters, it’s the quality of it.

It still is. Take walk around the internet if you don’t believe me.

Maybe the people who think something is “just okay” don’t bother to make a boring post about it. Passionate love/hate is so much more fun to read.

Tobey was fine as Parker I think, until the incessant whining of SM3, and the ridiculous dancing sequence (oh God, memories of Kirsten Dunst singing, oh shit). Topher Grace does seem a better choice in retrospect, but I don’t know if they’d be willing to cast him as Spidey if they call it Spiderman 4 because of continuity problems.

Continuity problems? Hell, just have Mephisto show up and change things around to however they need them.

PS. Yes, I’m still bitter and no, Brand New Day isn’t better. Freak? Gimme a fucking break.

PPS. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out one of the comic book threads.