[New] Dominions 2 Game: The Dominionator

Only one can be the Dominionator.[B][U]


The game is currently LIVE.

Dave Perkins - C’tis
Mr Sweetie - Ulm
Soapyfrog - Jotunheim
ron_debry - Marignon
TheSelfishGene - Man
Hanacker - Pythium

Game Settings:

starting provinces: 1
strength of independents: 5
special site frequency: 25
world richness: rich
random events: rare
score graphs: disabled
hall of fame entries: 10
research: difficult
victory: standard
renaming: allowed
host: quick
mods: none


The Sundering. (This map comes with the game, so there’s nothing to download.)


These are the settings we’re using in the other currently running Dom2 game, and that game’s been a lot of fun. The low frequency of magic sites has prevented anyone from fielding super-combatant heroes easily, so most battles are between national troops. We aren’t using any mods.

Please don’t join unless you are excited enough about playing to play your turns promptly–that is, within 48 hours or so of a turn hosting.

Mr Sweetie will host the server on his new iMac!

So, is this game fun?

I’m a turn based strat junkie and see it posted from time to time.

Cause if it is fun, I wanna get it.

How good is the hosting setup? Are there email notifications when quick host fires so that people know when a new turn is available?

I haven’t played for awhile, so it might be fun to get in a game again, but I’ve gotten spoiled by games with email notication and can’t see myself remembering to check in frequently to get my turns done.

Oh, also if you say it’s good for turn based, anyway to get a digital download of it?

Cause i’d love to play in your game.

Gotta love turn based, getting too old for rts…

Yes. It’s got an abysmal gui and weak graphics but tons of crunchy turn based strategy goodness.

Oooo I’ll play! No mods eh? I’d like Jotunheim if we are picking.

How about a place to download a copy instead of ordering it, but still pay for it and get a hard copy of it.

The way we’ve been playing the other game seems to work well. Whomever is last to go sends the email notification to the others. Using a distribution list, or reply-to-all, it’s simple. Hope you play, Nick.

Edit: I should add that we don’t use quick host. We leave it up to the players to play their turns quickly.

I don’t think such a download exists, I’m afraid. But I bet you could buy a copy off of someone here in this forum. It’s my favorite turn-based game, so I recommend it highly.

Oh man…


Anyone from the old games i’ve played want a rematch? Slyfrog, still need revenge?

It’s a niche game from a tiny publisher and an even tinier dev so I don’t think there are lots of fancy options available for ordering it. Go to shrapnelgames.com and what you see is what you get.

Lost me there. Are you saying your turns aren’t timered and you are just encouraging people to check in often so that turns advance rapidly?

Yes, no timer, just the occasional gentle reminder. The last person to go notifies the others.

I think he does.

When does Dominions 3 come out? Looks good. Never played the others, figue I might as well wait for the newest.

All this talk of simultaneous turn based strategy games reminds me of the dozens and dozens of Combat Mission: BO games I used to play. God, that was a good game.

Hell, it still is a good game. If anyone has it and wants to play a casual email game, drop me a line.

For my pesos, dom2’s niche is “long-term PBEM TBS”. Games last for months at a turn every couple of days. No good if you lack the patience, but perfect for me because I only have to sink a few minutes to an hour per day into the game. It fits the slow pace because by mid-game there are so many options for each turn. Huge numbers (kinds) of troops & mages, lots of items and different spells, so even 2 of the same kind of mage can perform vastly different roles on the battlefield.

Dom3 is supposed to come out this summer. They’ve been in a by-invitation beta test for a couple of months, at least. If I had to bet, I’d say August.

Oh yeah - Dave/Sweetie’s game. Can’t decide between claiming a blood nation, or claiming a non-blood and crying that blood hunting should be banned with such a low sites setting :)

Guess I’ll grab Marignon, as I never played that one - but if blood gets the boot I may change.

A month or two or three.

Put me down for Man.