New mattress suggestions?

I’ve been noticing that the old student-days futon isn’t holding it’s shape anymore, and my back has been bothering me for some time and my friends have suggested that a good bed can make all the difference. So I was wondering if any of you had some suggestions on a good queen size mattress and box spring combo that you find comfortable? I’m in Canada, and one mattress that looks really great is the pillow top kind that sears sells:

Serta Pillow-Top

My wife and I are pretty sure that we slept on one of these on our vacation this year and it felt amazing–sinking down into a soft top with a firm mattress underneath. I always thought that futons were good for your back but people are telling me that a regular bed is a better choice. Have any of you noticed a difference when you’ve moved from one to the other?

Anyways, thanks in advance for any tips. The next trick will be getting it into the house as a surprise present.


I’m pretty happy with my (relatively) new pillow-top. Of course, my previous mattress was an ancient horror where I could practically feel individual springs digging into my ribs when I rolled over, so I might not have the best perspective.

We added a memory foam topper to our non-pillowtop mattress and found that it made a world of difference.

Definitely check out memory foam. For some people it hits the spot although others are less impressed.

Alternatively you could go in this durection.

You really don’t have to go much further than a Serta pillow top. That’s what I bought almost a year ago, and I’m very happy with it. I bought a memory foam top, but I don’t even need it.

What you need also, if you don’t have yet, are really good sheets. Go to a mid-level department store (or wherever), find the best sheets, and buy them.

Does that pillowtop help you sleep better at night after your heartless comments here Bill?


my girlfriend has one of those space foam mattresses. she claims it is the best thing in the world.

Yes, about five years ago Sandy got hooked on high-end sheets and she won’t let my buy anything else. I found an ad on the coffee table last week for some new 600-thread count egyptian cotton sateens (another subtle hint).


Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s been properly killed.

For what it probably cost her, she would have to.

Or double-alternatively you could take a trip to squornshellas zeta and pick up a mattress named Zem.

It musta be firm to take the pounding, ya know?

For what it probably cost her, she would have to.[/quote]

You can get memory foam from places other than Tempurpedic (which apparently are very overpriced.)

QVC sells them. Not sure what the quality difference is.

What you have to watch out for are those matresses that are GREAT to sleep in, but not much else. So keep that in mind when you’re feeling out matresses. Make sure you don’t sink too deeply into them when you’re on all fours with a gagball in your mouth.

Actually, the bittter empty spite I feel at the desolate pit of loneliness my life has become as a result of my heartless, soul-annihilating actions on websites devoted primarily to gaming plumb tuckers me out (that, and a surplus of prepositions). I could sleep - and have! - on a pile of 8-month-old dessicated fetal husks after all the mild BUT UNCONTROLLABLY EVIL comments I’ve made in passing to people who are insane if they took any of it seriously. Come on, I’m wearing a Hawaiian print shirt, Eff Eff Ess!

We had pillow-top as our last mattress.

We now have a Temperpedic, and WOW what a difference.

The pillow top “feels” a little more comfortable because of its springiness. Particularly compared to a Temperpedic that hasn’t been broken in for about a month.

But man, I’ve never slept as soundly in my LIFE as I have with the Temperpedic. The difference in back stiffness, waking at night, etc. is dramatic.

And the Temperpedics aren’t really any more expensive than a good-quality pillow-top mattress. (You can get a mattress for 1/4 the cost of a Temperpedic, but why skimp on the one object you’re going to use for more hours than any other object you own?) always has space foam mattress toppers for sale, by the way. Much cheaper than the department store.

The Tempurpedic mattress was the one I was referring to. Yes, it’s great for sleeping in, but (IMHO) it sucks for having sex.

I’m SO not going to follow Roger’s lead on this topic, but I’ll merely say I have zero complaints about my Temperpedic.

We got one of those foam matresses one time and had to get rid of it because it just had this smell to it. They said it would air out, but it had been almost a week and it was still making my wife sick, so we took it back.