New Music 2024 - it's not too late for you to become a person of substance

I’ll kick off a whole new year of undoubtedly excellent music with the title track from the terrific new Middle Kids EP, Terrible News.

See, this is how you start a year-long music thread. Absolutely chock full of gorm there in that first post.

First song from the upcoming next Lemon Twigs album is chock full o’ Raspberries-esque goodness:

Continuing in the spirit of music made by actual instruments, The Black Crowes have a new single out with an album due soon, first since 2009.

There is only one current band in the world today, and that band is SLIFT. New album dropped yesterday.

Lloyd, I’m ready! After a ten year hiatus, we’ve got a new Camera Obscura album coming May 3rd. Here’s track 3.

New music from some classic great artists

1st Mark Knopfler

Finally new Billy Joel

Here, have a new song from The Decemberists!

And how about new music from Blitzen Trapper too…

Partyin’ like it’s 2007 in here.

How 'bout some new Beth Gibbons too?! Solo album on the way.

At long last, some new Iron and Wine:

Was really happy to see that, too.

I totally didn’t expect Suki Waterhouse.

There’s gonna be a new Sheer Mag record this year, and this time recorded for Third Man and Jack White. First track is, as the kids say, a banger.

Polachek and Weyes Blood making moon music.

I’ve been on a huge Caroline Polachek binge lately, including the Chairlift stuff. Her songs are deceptively good. Even without the vocal theatrics, which she pulls off great, they’re just really good songs.

They’re both so great. Thanks, charm!

Here’s a great new tune from Jessica Pratt.

Mott The Hoople frontman Ian Hunter will turn 85 years old in June of this year.

He is releasing his second solo album in as many years in April.

Happy new Grandaddy album day everyone!

A few songs were released leading up to today, but I’ve been and still trying to hold out listening to the whole thing until my vinyl copy arrives. Luckily I think I can be happy just looping Watercooler until then. Jason has said this album has “an inordinate amount of pedal steel,” which is right up my alley so I’m anxious to hear the rest of the songs.

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I was gonna post a link to your post here.

I am loving my first spin through it, he said trying not to make you break your vinyl vow…