New PSP Firmware supports larger res video

it lets psps with older firmwares fake newer firmware to played copied games aka dubious backups, without requiring the original umd disc. this is not something i think one wants to promote on a dev-friendly board such as this.

dvd decrypter was sued out of existence and no longer supports the newer movies with newer copy protection. that’s why people have generally moved onto other programs to rip with, including the free version of dvd-fab.

Yeah, you’re right. I ran into that problem over the weekend. I’ll give dvd-fab a shot next.

Oh, it’s that thing. Heard about it. But it requires that you have it installed before the firmware updates, right?

Not quite. You need to have a 1.5 or custom (3.03-OEC etc.) firmware PSP to run Devhook, which inside itself does the emulation of the (legit) PSP firmware. You don’t need to ever run the update itself.

Right. But if I’ve updated, I can’t use devhook, is what I’m asking. I think. Maybe.

You’re right. If you have the latest FW it won’t apply.

devhook isnt all that neat anyways, as the OE firmwares make it sort of clunky to bother using, and there will be a 3.30 one of those shortly.

Ok, I used the freebie DVDFab and got an ISO file. Did I miss an obvious step someplace?

Hmm, the reason the free DVDFab is free is that it’s a 1-trick pony to strip the DVD’s copy protection. It strips all the copy protection out, and redoes it (with some customization on which chapters/languages) into an UNPROTECTED file.

The DVD iso, which can mount using Daemon Tools, or burn directly. So its 1 trick is just the first step for people planning on encoding the video to PSP, iPod, cell phone etc. It would be step 1 of far fewer steps if all you wanted to do was just “shrink” the DVD to a single DVD5. The Platinum version encodes straight to PSP/iPod/generic files.

It looks like the old non-Fab freeware DVDDecrypter’s output options gave you ISO -or- raw files. To get at the raw files, you have to mount the ISO in Daemon Tools. Then you use whatever program you want to transcode/reencode the movie’s various parts that you want.

You would now use Nero Recode, SUPER, PSPVideo9 etc.

Mark, what do you want to do with that DVD now that you’ve stripped the CSS out?

Run it though PSPVideo 9

Mount it in Daemon Tools/Nero ImageDrive/whatever-your-favorite-virtual-CD program is.

When using DVDFab to strip the copy protection (it’s used for this, not ripping) be sure to keep the disc size at DVD9 so to avoid loss of quality before you do your compression to your final device.

DVDFab free is less useful than other pay-shareware utilities that do the decssing/ripping at the same time, such as the platinum version.

Other pay options are Any DVD which run transparently on the drive, and let you “copy” the files across, doing the descrambling “on-the-fly” allowing programs like Nero Recode/SUPER to pluck those files seemingly straight from the disc and into compressed format.
CloneDVD from the makers of AnyDVD is another program that does the ripping/resizing/recompressing.

That’s because the whole DECSSing thing, removing the copy protection, on DVD movies you own is uh, illegal in the USA.

This is why the ‘removing-the-copy-protection’ step of DVDfab is kind of clumsy.

Yeah, what i meant was that since that devhook with support for 3.30 is out, a custom firmware should be coming shortly.

2-3 days apparently. There may be an issue with the size of the update, however.

It’s not that hard. Use DVD Fab Decrypter and make sure it’s in Main Movie mode. That won’t copy it to an ISO - it will copy it as several 1 GB VOB files to your hard drive.

Once that’s done fire up (the one I use) XVID4PSP, go to Open and select the first VOB file. It will read in that file and all the other VOB files you ripped and then just hit OK. Then you need to select your encoding settings. I use PMP AVC as I’m using custom firmware and PMP Mod AVC to view my videos but choose whatever works for your firmware. For settings I usually choose two-pass encoding, temporal limited and Ghostbuster (reduces ghosting in your movie) and let it do its thing overnight.

Let me know if you need any more info. If I can do it anyone certainly can.

In my case, it did make an ISO. In that ISO are an Audio and Video folder. My next question was what to do with all those VOB files, so I’ll try XVID4PSP. Does it support the new resolutions yet?

Hmm. You chose Main Movie? Because I think when you open the program it defaults to create an ISO image. I have to specify Main Movie every time and when I do it rips the DVD and makes a folder and in it are the two Audio_TS and Video_TS folders. So in XVID4PSP you navigate to that Video_TS folder and select the first VOB file.

XVID4PSP does support the new resolutions. I’m not sure what encoding format you need to choose but I think it’s probably MP4 AVC. You can then specify the resolution before you encode it. I’ll check to make sure when I get home.

Yep, main movie. But it’s OK, I can open it up via Daemon Tools.