NFL 2019


Since the league has officially started its new season in terms of transactions, it seems like a good time to start a new thread. And we begin with the league suspending Kareem Hunt for the first eight games. This is in addition to him missing the last 5 regular season games and the playoffs last season. Is that enough? I think it would have been a better look for the league if he had to sit out this entire year.

The NFL 2018 Season

The league seems to be all over the place with punishing these kinds of incidents. It will be interesting to see what they do to Robert Kraft.


One can hope!


Gotta link it from the old thread, sheesh!

Anyway, I don’t get the Vikings. Literally no guards on the roster and we bring back basically everyone on defense (notably LB Barr and DE Griffen) and we have like $7m left in cap space, something like half of which has to be allocated for draft picks.

Ah well, at least we’re 33% of the way through wasting $84m and a generationally talented and coached defense on Kirk Fuckin’ Cousins.


The Dolphins have traded Tannnehill to the Titans leaving them with nothing but inexperience on their roster. So they either want Rosen (as the Giants have been rumored after him as well) or they will draft a QB.


He owns the Pats. They will give him a handie.


He’ll have to watch the first 6 games from the cheap seats, with no catering!


He has to eat the soggy biscuit this year in the owners meeting.

Roger Goodell is so happy.


I read that as “deleted in 24 hours unless flogged”. Maybe that is the penalty for a deleted post.


Wow, Clay Matthews joined the Rams. I didn’t think they could eat even more douchey.


The Rams had the cap space to waste on the dead money Clay is at this point in his career?


There’s plenty of douchey left for them to eat!


Matthews played at USC and his family still lives in the area. He probably gave them a discount, and with the free agent lineman that left (I have drawn a total blank on his name) the Rams probably have lots of cap space.


Gronk called it a career. I’m gonna miss him. He was so much fun to watch.


Yeah, he was a good guy, though it felt like rooting for a Stormtrooper to like him. Glad he got out while he can still walk, though who knows how he’ll be at 50.

Jeremy Maclin also retired today. Not nearly the level of player Gronk was, but still one of the better WRs during his career.


Gronk will be missed. Not that I mind if it diminishes the Pats.


Pass Interference, or the failure to call PI, can now be reviewed.

Let’s call it the Payton rule.


How did they set up the new rule? Will it mean more PI calls and that bad ones can be over turned, or does it mean that unflagged PI’s can be challenged?

So I looked it up…

At the annual league meeting on Tuesday, the owners ratified a proposal that will allow coaches to challenge pass-interference penalties, including ones that go uncalled on the field. Additionally, in the final two minutes of the half, the replay assistant can initiate reviews of called and uncalled pass-interference penalties. It’s a one-year rule that will be evaluated next year.

This goes a lot further than anyone was talking about them going.


Considering that every pass play can have an interference flag thrown (both offensively and defensively), are they really going to go to IR after every pass inside of 2 minutes? The way it’s written means that if I have the ball in under two minutes I’m throwing it deep down field and fully expect that under replay some sort of penalty will be found. It’s a rule that is written in a way they don’t expect to use it. It’s stupid.


It says the replay assistant can initiate the review. That means he can call for the review if he feels it’s necessary, not that he has to do it on every pass play. It’s just another set of eyes making a judgment call, like the officials on the field. I don’t see it happening on every play.