NFL 2019

Peyton Manning broke his neck and played another season anyway. That was the season he was “bad”.

Brady’s arm still looks good and his footwork looked good. I didn’t see him enough to know much about his accuracy.

I think at this point you get Brady to sell tickets and maybe make a bit of a run. You can’t build a team around him at 42, though.

No, Manning had neck surgery and missed all of the 2011 season, he then came back and had 2 great seasons for the Broncos and 1 pretty good season before falling off a cliff his last season.

Brady was kind of middle of the pack at best last year. His completion percentage put him at #27 in 2019. His average yds per catch? Also #27. His QBR was 17th. His passer rating was 19th. You can not put all of that on his receivers. He has to take most of that on himself. That’s not to say I don’t think he could be of help to the right team but the reality of it is his is getting older and QBs do not improve with age.

IIRC I saw some stats that had Brady very high up in accuracy (I recall top 3ish?) when looking at ball placement on non-throwaways, but that didn’t translate into actual completion rate or yardage last year

I think New England has better than average running backs. They have Edelman. What was their big loss from the Super Bowl season before? Gronk I suppose, but he was already heavily limited in the Super Bowl year.

I just don’t buy that the Patriots collapsed completely, and Tom Brady is still the same as he was before.

But this is coming from the perspective of someone who believes that Brady is an above average QB, but that Belichick has been far more responsible for the Patriots’s success. I think Tom Brady on the Detroit Lions could have ended up looking very much like Matt Stafford on the Detroit Lions.

Their o-line was bad, their WRs were bad, no Gronk, and Edelman got targeted.

There’s a reason they took a chance on Antonio Brown.

Yeah, if you watched the Patriots at all last season, it was clear it was not Tom Brady that was the problem. They had one WR who was playing well and that guy was always double covered.

If you’re a GM you’re not getting fired if you sign Tom Brady - you can say “yeah, I see his stats weren’s very good last year but it was the supporting cast, an abberation, blah, blah, blah” - if you do sign him and he falls off a cliff, then you just cut him the season after as an experiment that failed. But if you sign him and he “recovers” or plays well, you’re a genius.

If you’re a GM and you can actually get Brady to sign with your team your owner is going to love you no matter what.

There is no scenario in which owners give up prospective playoff home game money.

Not quite sure I follow but it’ll be 7 teams instead of 6 so just 1 bye per conference versus 2? Why now an extra team? It makes me think they are also considering expansion soon or imminently.

$$$$$… 7 teams, with only the best record getting a bye, means there are 3 wild card games per conference. You suddenly go from 4 to 6 games on Wild Card weekend. And playoff games are huge money-makers.

The other part of this, not mentioned in Adam’s tweet, is that there would also be a move to 17-game regular season. Again, more $$$$$.

Wouldn’t the CBA push back on 17 games? More time for injury, no more pay for the performance?

I really wish sports changes were pushed by fans, not by owners/players. But I guess it is what it is, money grab or not.

It seems the most obvious solution is to add a second bye week for each team, and make it so that no team has to play on Thursday night four days after playing a Sunday game. That and the added $$$$ for the players would probably be enough to get it through.

Well then, sounds like it will be agreed on.

It’s too bad this isn’t a trade of a preseason game slot to use at the 17th game.

Yeay, @Skipper my first thought is they should cut the preseason if they are adding regular season games. Maybe they can work that in (who really likes or thinks the teams need 4 preseason games anyway?).

I wish they would cut preseason in half. 2 games is fine. College and high school sports don’t have preseason for a reason, they aren’t chasing the money and it isn’t needed. The NFL gets away with it because we’re so hungry for football we’ll still attend games and watch it on TV. Hell, convert all 4 to regular season games. I’d be down for that.

Reports are that preseason will be 3 games once regular season goes to 17. OK for fans, doesn’t make any difference to players, who will play about as much in the preseason as now.

Its only recently that TV money has pushed big-time college football programs to open the season with a competitive game, and even then it is just a minority of schools in any year. The 2020 opening weekend will feature Bowling Green at Ohio State, Missouri State at Oklahoma, UTSA at LSU and so on. Preseason, in other words.