NFL 2023

Sounds like the Snyders have cleared out of the Commanders’ facilities.

Looks like a sale will be happening soon.

From your mouth to God’s ears!

As as Eagles fan, this really sucks. I wanted continued dysfunction to reign at this NFC East rival. It’s been a great run.

Don’t give up hope yet. Maybe Elon will buy the team.

It’s funny because most of us Chiefs fans already knew we weren’t going to resign him and are really happy with the guy we just signed to move over and take his place.

The problem with Brown, when you watch his tape, is that he has really slow feet. He needs help in the pass game (he’s a better run blocker which doesn’t fit the Chiefs game.) When Thuney, our stud guard next to Brown, was out, Brown was getting beat pretty badly. First half of this season Brown was waving at fast pass rushers blow past him. Due to Mahomes quickness these rarely turned into sacks but he gave up a LOT of pressures. Reid started giving him a lot of help, tight ends and running backs chipping to help him.

One reason it took a while for him to get a deal was (and this was talked about quite a bit) most NFL GMs considered Brown to still be more of a RT than LT. He still may be an upgrade for the Bengals though, but they didn’t steal him. The Chiefs had already moved on from him.

Well the Lions front office is certainly not playin’. Not content with building up their defense by signing Sutton and Moseley, yesterday the Lions grabbed safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson from the Eagles. The only real hit they took was losing Jamaal Williams and they fixed that by bringing in Montgomery first. The Lions front office has been on fire.

I’d say Brown is definitely an upgrade for the Bengals even if he comes with some of the issues you mention. Including Brown, Cincinnati now has 3 Pro Bowl offensive lineman and rookie Cordell Volson looks like he could develop into a fourth given his performance this past season. It’s a line that doesn’t depend on the dominance of a single player, so that help you say Brown requires is certainly present, but injuries to multiple starters have hampered the line’s effectiveness the past two seasons. Hopefully everyone can stay healthy for a season this year and we can finally see what Burrow can accomplish with an extra couple of seconds every play. Spoiler : A LOT given what he’s already shown he can do under pressure the past two seasons.

The Chiefs may not miss Brown as you say, but they certainly won’t be thrilled to see him line up across from them when the Bengals and Chiefs meet next. Only time will tell.

Actually, the type of rushers they are trying to get and develop are exactly the kind Brown has had issue with: quick, fast, forcing the blocker to have good footwork.

I think it was a win/win: We’re getting better with the kind of player we need at LT, and the Bengals are getting better at LT.

I wonder how much of the Jalen Carter reporting is teams hoping to have him fall down to where he can get picked up.

I think he will still be going in the top 10. The whole pro day situation and legal case (which was completely closed) are distractions. Smart teams know how to develop players, and what the real important things are.

It has been pointed out that his legal case was finally settled after his pro day appearance, which probably could be part of why he struggled there.

Let me ‘splain:

  • He was overweight and out of shape all season. This despite acknowledging before the season started that his conditioning was a priority and that coaches had been riding him about it. He didn’t listen to them and didn’t make it a priority.

  • He wasn’t nearly as productive as someone should be when they have that level of talent, because he played less than half the snaps.

  • He doesn’t dominate games because he can’t stay on the field.

  • He showed up nine pounds heavier in the two weeks between the combine and pro day, obviously not prepared to compete. Obviously, there were distractions, but where was his agent helping him stay on the right path during this critical time when millions of dollars are at stake. Did he do ANY preparation at all?

Putting the legal issues aside, I think this is a guy who doesn’t love football. He doesn’t have the drive to be great. He doesn’t seem to respect authority figures. Not a chance in hell I’m spending an early pick on a guy like that. I suspect a payday of millions of dollars will only make this worse.

Of course he could turn out to be amazing, but let someone else take that risk. I think he’s more likely to achieve whatever his ceiling is with a different team after he flops out of the gate.

I just can’t imagine how any team can look at his lack of conditioning and his inability to even complete position drills at his pro day and think, “we need this kid”. He will still go early, probably, but he’s not worth it. If you are that desperate for a DT, I’d rather bet on Kancey being a poor man’s Aaron Donald.

100% agreed. I don’t care how far down the board Carter falls, I don’t want the Bears to go anywhere near him.

I don’t buy into that storyline at all.

Laremy Tunsil fell in the draft for stupid reasons, people making a big deal about a bunch of stuff that didn’t matter. He is now set to be the highest paid tackle in the NFL, and an incredible player dedicated to the game of football. The same shit was said about Tunsil is being said about Carter.

The guy has spent the last 3 months in lawyer jail, dealing with legal issues, waiting to hear the outcome of his plea deal etc. No surprise that conditioning and the combine was not at the top of his mind. There were “anonymous team scouts” quoted at the pro day saying that kind of stuff. Like, it obviously wasn’t good, but understandable.

I mean, hear it from the guy who said Carter had “character issues”

Todd McShay: “And the other thing is like with Jalen, specifically, I’ve spent 95% of my time talking about how great of a player he is on the field. I even emphasize, like, yeah, you might not get in practice what you want to get in practice. But that dude will play his a** off for you.”

People tend to ding 22 year old guys doing things like 22 year old guys do. You have to look past that and see. He played 3 years in one of the premiere college football programs, no talk of his lack of commitment from the team he won 2 national championships on.

The guy with “character flaws” and “no commitment to the game” was spending his scholarship money on what?

How about buying lunches for the walk-ons who didn’t get free team meals?

“Jalen heard about that. I’m the only walk-on in the defensive line room and he goes, ‘I’m not gonna let that happen.’ So he used his scholarship money to pay for me to get lunch every single day,” Wallace said.

“No one told him to do that. The nutritionist informed me about it. Had she not told me, I wouldn’t have known about it. And that’s what I like about it.”

His entire locker-room has been very clearly saying he is a great teammate and a stand up dude.

The whole storyline in the news surrounding the guy really does feel like a narrative being sold that just isn’t true. It is all useless chatter, just like the Laremy Tunsil crap.

Those were stupid reasons, I agree. I think this situation is different.

That has zero to do with his conditioning throughout the entire year

Coaches don’t usually say things like that publicly. But they also couldn’t motivate him to get in shape.

How about the six-figure Trackhawk he was racing?

Maybe. I don’t recall though…were there any questions about Tunsil before the infamous video?

You keep trying to make this about character, but I did my best to avoid that. I did look past that and I see a guy who isn’t motivated to be his best self, who isn’t willing to put in the work to be a dominant player.

It’s funny, I think the exact same thing, except it’s a narrative about what an incredible player he is.

If you are right, he’s going to have plenty of motivation after a bunch of teams pass on him. Maybe that lights a fire? It’s a shame, because otherwise he’d be a great fit for Seattle, but I’m not sure he’s on their board at 20, let alone 5.

Questioning someone’s motivation and commitment to their profession is questioning their character though.

I haven’t been following super closely, but I am getting JaMarcus Russell vibes.

The NFL and NBA drafts are the biggest crap shoots in sports.

Nobody ended up dead from JaWalrus’ escapades.

Well, it’s not one-to-one, I suppose.

Fair, I guess. If we can call that his “football character” vs outside concerns, I have questions about that. I believe guys that don’t love football aren’t typically success stories in the NFL. I’d rather have a guy that doesn’t have the top athletic profile but loves the game and gives it everything he’s got.

Maybe once he gets in a Pro locker room things will change, but I see him getting off to a slow start. Sometimes these guys come in and think they can get by on pure athleticism. That just doesn’t work in the NFL. A recent example is Rashaad Penny, who has admitted that he didn’t take the conditioning, eating right, etc as seriously as he should have. It happens all the time, guys that come in as incredible athletes and don’t come close to living up to their draft status.

To me, all the “pro-day” stuff is almost useless. Lamar Jackson’s pro day brought up all sorts of questions that the future MVP answered on the field. Guys like Jamarcus Russell shined in front of the scouts during his pro days, and that was not indicative of his career. You know a guy from how they played in college, and what they tell you in an interview.

I think, one team floated where he might get picked up is Detroit. From everything the players have said about that place, is that it has a great player development culture, and for guys like Jalen Carter who might need development to build themselves into an NFL pro bowl caliber guy, a place like Detroit would be perfect.