NFL Loser Bowl 2018-19 (football forum game)




Huh. No one is joining me in Crazytown.


I’m in my own crazyland.


Crazy would be picking the Saints to lose to a bird team.




You know, it’s time to be crazy. Changing my vote to say the Saints aint gonna win.


It’s the Eagles. They’re sabotaging everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them beating the Saints against all odds because they exist to make people pissed, I suppose.


It is Philly’s role in life, and their greatest joy.

And by that I mean the city, not the Eagles.


Iggles to lose.



4 of us might be crazy but you know at least one of us will be right.


I am changing my vote. I am picking KC to lose. I’ll be in the vanguard of the Army of the Missouri with Captain Luck!


Despite my current pick, I’m wavering on a flip as well


I thought to myself today and said, “Self, Indy and KC both have fantastic offenses. But only Indy has a Defense. And an experienced, veteran clutch quarterback. He also has a Civil War Beard. Why aren’t you picking them?”

Then I took my meds…but Self was right!


Colts are good and Luck is a premier QB when healthy. There is a very good chance of an upset there.


Also: Andy Reid.
(He coached a bird team.)


Have I mentioned how grumpy I am about my Vikings losing …. Grrrr my Kingdom for Case Keenum!


You no longer have a Kingdom… you gave it away to Kirk Cousins!


Yeah, as a fan of a franchise that has been the laughing stock of the NFL until this season, I can only say how amazingly important having a good quarterback can be to winning. Cousins is a competent thrower of the ball but not a good QB. That the Vikings threw all that money at him is an indictment of the front office.’’

edit - that said, there’s always next year! (a phrase oft repeated on the shores of Lake Erie)


Picks Updated!

click here to make sure I wasn’t blind

Nobody has the same team picked a second time (hooray!)

For those who made picks last week and didn’t inform me they’ve officially entered the offseason, we’re hoping for choices from:

Of course, anyone can still hop in and make a pick at any time (as long as the game they’re picking hasn’t started, yet).