Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


It looks like a brawler with ranged and platforming elements. Very unique.

Since we were talking about Steamworld Dig 2 up above being on other platforms, it’s notable that it IS coming to PS4/Steam/Xbox One also.

SMT V is not.


I don’t have them. Read about them. They’re complete versions, and they have gyro enhanced aiming if you opt for it, which is nice.

Downside is that Rev 2 has established a new record for Switch load times, over 1 minute to load levels. No idea why. I thought that Zelda had shown us that 30 seconds was enough to fill memory.

Perhaps Capcom will patch this, dunno.


“Unique” is probably too strong a word for Wizard of Legend, but the speed of the game seems remarkable. Short-range spells might help with the aiming issues I always have with gamepads in these shooters.


And speaking of marketing confusion, I just learned via reddit that Wizard of Legend will be coming to Steam as well. Okay then.


I said that an hour before you did right up above there. Nintendo is just giving it a push via hosting the trailer on the Nintendo YouTube channel.


Would like to see more footage of SMT V. I’ve played more of the devil survivor games than the main series.


SMT IV Apocalypse was like 80% off or something in eShop the other day.


I don’t play on DS anymore, but thanks.


Shocking rumor: Thanks to a leak from an internal EA email concerning plans for Fe and A Way Out, which a recipient posted on Reddit, we now know there will be a Nintendo Direct in January (specific date TBC):


Ha! Yeah, I think everyone already figured on that anyway. :)


Interesting. Zoink already has Flipping Death on the way. Anybody played their other title, Stick it to the Man? I’ve been eyeing that one too.


While we’re all still waiting on official data to come in from The NPD Group, analysts we chatted with stressed that Nintendo is definitely the story here, as it has been for much of 2017. In fact, according to IDC, Nintendo is almost single-handedly driving the hardware market with its Switch bundle sales.

IDC research director Lewis Ward commented, "My preliminary total home console hardware shipment total in North America (US + Canada) in 2017 is coming in close to 15 million bundles, up nearly 30% compared to 2016’s total of about 11.6 million bundles shipped. Nearly all of this increase is due to Switch: Nintendo shipped less than 400,000 Wii U bundles last year in North America. This year alone, Switch will ship over 5.2 million in the region. That’s an insane turnaround.

"What I can say is that we shouldn’t lose the forest for the trees: The biggest story in the console space in 2017 is that Nintendo’s back with a vengeance.


Just received the Switch Pro Controller today from Amazon…it was on sale for a few days for around $56. Looks like it’s $65 currently. It really is amazingly comfortable. I need to try it out playing Mario Kart, as that is a real hand cramper for me using the joy cons.

Have any of you run into the D pad issue that I have seen reported? Apparently some people have reported the left/ right buttons can trigger other functions at times? I have not run into this yet, but have just been playing Skyrim, and I don’t use the D pad much for that.


Secretly hoping there is a Xenoblade 2 bundle


No, didn’t even realise there was an issue being reported!


Same. The switch seems remarkably robust. Never had an issue. @MikeOberly how is Skyrim? Worth getting for those of us who already have it on PC you reckon?


I have seen it discussed on boards, but not everyone has experienced it. There are even youtube vids demonstrating a kludgey fix, if you want to open the controller…


I have had the dpad occasionally register an up when pushing right or left in error. I have one from the launch period though.


The Pro Controller really makes a difference in Splatoon 2. I still suck, but at least I feel like I have decent control. I love the joycons for a lot of things, but they are not ideal for this game.


Same here. It’s really annoying because aside from that it might be my favorite controller.