Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


Catching Pokemon in Let’s Go looks to be very similar to PoGo. Combat against other trainers uses the traditional Pokemon battle system, though, so in that sense it’s definitely not as simplistic as PoGo. You have a team of six active Pokemon (everyone else hangs out in the bank) and combat is turn based with each Pokemon having up to four abilities that can change as they level up. I suppose there are some elements of that in PoGo but I find the tapfest combat much less satisfying than the main Pokemon games.

This game also features Mega Evolutions (temporary super powers for certain Pokemon), which is a cool extra layer of strategy when you’re deciding on your team. But it does not have the ability to breed Pokemon, so you kind of lose out on doing a lot of the unique combinations of Pokemon and abilities that you can usually only get from breeding. Unless there’s some other alternative here.

Very interested to see what next year’s Pokemon looks like. Game Freak says that the Let’s Go games may be a recurring series that is focused on introducing newer players to the series. I’m hopeful (but not really expecting) that this means the main Pokemon games will have less hand holding.


My brother decided he needed a Nintendo Switch in his life. I only found out when he sent me a text from the game store reading: “Is Skyrim a good game?”

Not being a gaming enthusiast for the last ten years, he’d never heard of the game. Oh, to play it again for the first time.


I’m so jealous.


Imagine playing it for the first time and IT’S PORTABLE!


Well, I’m still playing it for the first time, but that probably doesn’t count.


The PS4 version is probably coming as well, but not yet confirmed. This feels like a great fit for Switch.


First one is awesome.


Anyone want news from the new Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

The final two fighters were announced: Ken (an echo fighter of Ryu), and Incineroar, who is a wrestling Pokemon (yes I guess that’s a thing). But that’s it for new fighters at launch, bringing the total up to 74.

Remember those trophies you could unlock in the previous Smash Bros. games? Yeah, those are gone, presumably because it took so long to build the 3D models for them. In their place are Spirits, which are 2D character cards that you can unlock. They work like stickers to enhance your character, and you have to play a special character-themed battle to unlock each one.

DLC: There will be five DLC packs released between now and the end of 2020. Each one will include one new character, one new stage, and some music tracks. You can buy them separately for $5.99 each, or as a pack for $24.99.

And for a limited time when you buy Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you unlock a new playable character: Piranha Plant! Looks pretty wacky, but it brings the total up to 75. And with DLC, that will be 80 characters total.


No Goku, no sale.

Though, if XC2 characters weren’t included because that game hadn’t been announced yet it’s still possible Goku could make it in given that his fighting game wasn’t announced until even later than XC2.

I’m sure they’re on it. I mean, he’ll probably be one of those DLC characters.

Ok I’m back in.


Guaranteed Goku for $5.99.


I’m still holding out hope that Waluigi is the 80th character. After all the fan outcry, you’d think it would be a slam dunk.


Wow, Diablo 3 for Switch is kind of amazing. Makes me kind of glad I never played it on PC. It runs great, looks decent, and is perfectly suited for the platform.


I really don’t have time for another game right now, but Diablo is very tempting.


Same. Yeah, some care went into the port.

I’m a sucker for local co-op games anyway.


Likewise. I’m still fairly early in VC4, but Diablo is calling me. Only problem is, the season system would stop me from playing anything else.


We’ve had the PC version since the beginning and the 360 version for awhile too. I still haven’t really played it. I just know I don’t have time for it, but I really like the idea of playing it on Switch wherever I go.


I am going to bet the reveal trailer shows the “Super” Sonic, doing his thing, only to be upstaged by Super Saiyan Goku


Destructable stage? First of its kind for Smash?


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Are the levels smaller on the Switch or am I just imagining things? Seems to me like some of the levels that could be quite sprawling (like the Caverns of Arachnae) are quite small and tidy now. Not complaining, but I guess that is one of the nice things with the tile-based levels. Porting it to your toaster? Remove some tiles!