Nintendo finally reveals the Switch console


No big deal, I’ll just use the browser on the required mobile device I’ll need to have on hand in order to use the Nintendo voicechat and Party app anyway.

They can just give that same app a button that launches Chrome or Safari and claim to offer a browser experience too, if they want.


They really don’t seem to see it as a tablet at all. No browser at launch, no video apps at launch, no non-gaming apps confirmed at all. Luckily this is the sort of thing that can be addressed, at least somewhat, after launch, but I really don’t understand their strategy at the moment, especially with the recent noises about a successor 3DS, which I hope should just be put in the “third pillar” category. Hopefully, this is just a sign of them coming in really hot, so they just haven’t had time to sort out the software. If it’s deliberate, it makes very little sense.


That is definitely true. They want it to be seen as a pure gaming device. Which would be fine, if there were tons of games you actually want to play.

Like I said several dozen pages back, they should have simply released a customized android tablet and released all their games on android, requiring minimum spec Tegra X1 level hardware.

The switch will be nintendo’s last console. And that’s OK. Their hardware has always been mediocre, after all. Nintendo is all about their first-party games.


I was hoping on replacing my iPad with a switch since my ipad is getting long in the tooth and I only use it as a web browser at this point basically. (and a crappy one at that because I can’t do tabbed browsing without the damn thing reloading pages) Was hoping I could abandon the iPad family all together and do my tableting on the switch. Also this makes using it at airports/hotels/airplanes pretty much impossible.

So yea, not cancelling my preorder over this but it sucks, not so much for my ipad dependency but for the wifi login problem.


Amazon didn’t notify me when it went on pre-order and now I can’t find one. This is going to be a disappointing birthday :(


Well the 3DS web browser was added four months after release, so nothing new here.


Same thing happened to me. I wound up finding one at Best Buy. I’d recommend following Cheap Ass Gamer on twitter. They post when things like this are available in addition to the usual deal posts.


Oh nice!

Sorry you got hosed too :(


The Switch is like the F-35; trying to cater to everyone, and overpriced.




Actually, that’s hyperbole. It’s nowhere near as bad as the F-35, even when scaled down to 12yo’s hands.


I dunno, sure they’re expensive and late, but reports have the F-35 dominating this year’s Red Flag exercises with a 15:1 kill ratio.


Amazon unfortunately doesn’t notify on Preorders from what I’ve experienced. Your best bet is and setup text notificiations. (They don’t work for me here in Nigeria but other people in other corners of the internet have had success.) You still need to act fast though because word is out on this website and everyone, including scalpers seem to use it.

Zelda Special Edition was in stock and by the time I got to my computer and turned on my vpn and added to cart it was already sold out again.


I’ll echo what MattN posted:

@Jason_McMaster & @BaggerMcGuirk – go exactly here:

Set up notifications (SMS) and you’ll know immediately when it becomes available, anywhere.


another article, interesting perspective.


The guy calls the Switch a tablet you can hook up to your TV. I see nothing tablet outside of the basic look. Nintendo can’t even promise something like Netflix initially and you have to use a separate smartphone table for online play?

This just sounds like another Nintendo fan hoping that “This time things will be different”. Which has happened every generation since the N64 it seems.


At least he is self aware enough to know the the Nintendo Defense League is pretty annoying. No problem with hoping Switch is awesome, I hope it’s awesome too. I’m just pretty skeptical based on what I have seen.


Interesting thread over on Gaf. Some developer leaked some information Nintendo supplied them back in July. Details almost everything about the system. Most of which we knew already, some things like tech specs we kind of knew but now see it confirmed.

The most interesting tidbit for me is the explanation of the account system. To me it reads like purchases might be tied to an account and not the device. Welcome to the mid 00’s Nintendo, we missed you.


Video of a Switch out in the wild.


I feel more positive about the Switch now that I’ve gotten used to the idea. It’s still pretty darned expensive though.