Nintendo Switch

Despite having a Gamecube, I never played Sunshine. Which is weird, since I have played damn near every single other mainline Mario game ever made, going back to playing the original when I was about 5 at a friends house. I think the somewhat poor reception at the time kept me away.

Don’t destroy the beautiful Vaseline smeared lens of nostalgia, with the HD ugliness of reality.

Alright, ordered a physical copy from Walmart for $52. Maybe I’ll just leave it sealed for a few months and eBay it if Galaxy gets released separately. Maybe I’ll just keep it and end up liking Mario Sunshine too, who knows!?

If you have an original GameCube it’s very easy to get an HDMI adapter for it.

Doesn’t do anything about the very concerning noise it makes while spinning up the disc drive after years of being lugged around between half a dozen friends’ houses and dorms plus back and forth across the country, though!

I got one of these.

Damn, the internet has everything, don’t they?

I think today’s the last day you can buy Super Mario 3D All-Stars. (Or second last day?)

It should be available through tomorrow, the 31st. I have no idea what exact time that means though, so don’t wait until midnight!

Is anyone going to make a memorial thread for the death of Mario tomorrow?


I have to decide soon after I get home from work today I guess. My instinct says no. I already have two of them. Is it really worth it for Sunshine? Arrrgh. Surely not.

But Sunshine is SO good though

Arrrrgh. Damn you.

Ok, $65 spent. Now the code can sit in my email until I finally own a Switch Pro.

A Switch what?

A hypothetical upgraded Switch with an OLED screen and 4K upscaling!

According to rumors.

Oh, haha, PS Vita fetishists delusional dreams and incapcity to tell why Nintendo is successful (possibly:selling 30 bucks of plastic for 10x that price)

The Split Pad Pro was discussed in the Monster Hunter thread (and maybe here as well). If you play a large amount/exclusively in handheld mode you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t own one. One downside is that they don’t have HD Rumble and a handful of other features you probably don’t care about (NFC, IR, gyro).

Such a huge improvement over the joycons for Mario 64. Haven’t got to the other games in the collection yet.

Haha, i totally forget that joycons have rumble. I disabled it the first time I played the switch on public transport, and haven’t turned it on since.

Also, one feature that I do care about: they don’t support the system-level button remapping. For a while I changed my pro controller to swap X<>Y and A<>B to match the Xbox button layout and be a bit easier on my muscle memory. But I had to put it back because I couldn’t do the same change on the Hori pad.

It’s a testament to how much more comfortable the Hori pad is that I’m still using it rather than going back to joy-cons in handheld mode so I could make the buttons work the same.

They really do make a terrible sound when they rumble.