Nintendo Switch

That’s bananas. I can only imagine it’s a precursor to phasing out the cheaper option altogether.

For me personally, there’s barely $1 a month in value in the expansion pack, and that’s only on the assumption that more games will be added.

Edit: Apparently it’s not quite as bad in the UK. “Only” double the price. Still way more than I’m willing to pay, though. In fact, this is just reminding me I should cancel my existing sub.

This only makes sense for people who were going to buy the AC DLC anyway. And maybe that’s the beginning of an ongoing strategy where other DLC may be included, but for now, it’s an easy pass from me.

I’m trying to think of any DLC I’ve bought on Switch and I can’t think of any.I was tempted by the Mario + Rabbids one, but didn’t bite.

You really should though. It’s very good.

I finished the main game, then immediately started it, and 100% completed it as well.

I’ll second that. The Donkey Kong expansion is brilliant if you enjoyed the base game and fancy more. That reminds me: damn, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

I got that and all the Breath of the Wild DLC.

Did we know Sin and Punishment was one of the N64 titles? That’s neat.

The (whole?) initial batch had been posted by Nintendo the day of the annoucement, but checking just now, it seems to have been put away?
It was mostly Mario all star around, but there was Sin & Punishment and some cover shooter I had never heard about too.

I hope they don’t get rid of the basic pricing. I’d love to play some Genesis games, but looks like there won’t be much on there that isn’t already on the Sega Genesis Classics Switch compilation I already own. And the few Nintendo 64 games I wanted, I got the DS/3DS ports of.

I would be more enticed by them adding Gamecube games.

And who thought more than doubling the cost was a good idea? Geez. $30 would have been a fairer price.

Woah what. This escaped me.
I thought it was cute and cool to add those n64 and megadrive games. Now it just became absolutely stupid and dispensable.

So forgive my ignorance, without the “expansion pack” what do you get for the base $20 a year? The ability to play multiplayer games? And occasional games like Tetris 99? Is that still around or is it gone?

You get also Pacman 99 (which is no way as good as Tetris 99, which is a system seller imo), occasional try out that aren’t advertised anywhere of an obscure game once a month, the very good NES and SNES virtual consoles, and also some deals that let you buy the very expensive nintendo games for slightly less (like 150$ to buy 3 60 to 70$ games or something, never used it, because I’m a zealot cheapskate).
Also save backups for most games in the cloud.

I’ve been playing Pokemon Unite which you need Switch Online to play I think (but is otherwise free). Outside that I haven’t found much use for Switch online and I doubt I’ll continue with it once my year is up.

on the SNES virtual console, I am currently playing Super Metroid… lots of other games from NES/SNES era

For reference, here’s an updated (with the N64 and Genesis titles) list of all the games available via Switch online.

I guess I’m in the minority here. I play classic games on Switch all the time and get plenty of value from Switch Online. That said, $30 is a bit steep now. However, assuming they add more games from N64 and eventually GB, then I think $50 a year isn’t too bad. Also, maybe we’ll see more Sega systems as well (Dreamcast?).

It looks like preorders for the N64 controller are sold out already. Was really hoping to pick one up.

Hey, we’re 3 to 1, far from a minority!

I don’t really play the classic games but I still maintain an online account. It’s cheap and pays for itself as long as I’m buying two Nintendo games per year, due to the voucher thing you can get using it. Voucher is not available in the US anymore though I don’t think.

Yeah I haven’t seen that voucher since the initial offering. If it’s still available and someone knows how to get it, please let me know!

And yes, I’m also in the group that has no problem with the new price. $50 a year for online plus a bunch of classic games?? Worth it!

According to Walmart my Switch OLED has shipped and will be here on Wednesday. I let my wife know that it will require a signature. The non-chalant “I ordered it back in July, just letting you know so you can sign for it” approach is the one I went for.

Now I have to decide which of the Switch games I own should tackled first. Odyssey? Sunshine?