Nintendo Switch

Switch online is basically an animal crossing tax.

Further, isn’t this still cheaper than what Sony and Microsoft charge for their online service? I know Switch is—to me anyway—more geared toward couch multiplayer (Animal Crossing aside), but it doesn’t seem that unreasonable a price compared to their rivals, even though, and I say this as a ’90s and former Sega kid, the N64 and Genesis had very underwhelming game catalogues in hindsight.

Tricky question! Play the older Marios first, or start with the newer one? Or just leap straight into Breath of the Wild!?

I’d probably start with Odyssey or Zelda, to at least put the new machine through it’s paces. And probably Zelda, since it’s my favourite out of those games.

But then, you may want to use it as a buffer for something fresh between all the Mario games! I don’t know… :(

Also, I can’t believe Walmart is actually sending me a Nintendo Switch OLED for $325 after tax. They really stuck to their guns on price-matching the regular Switch for some reason. Shrug. I appreciate it, even though I didn’t ask for it.

Now I just hope all those Nintendo codes I have in my emails actually work. Other than Mario 3D World+Bowser’s Fury (which is a cartridge), all the other games are codes that I’m not allowed to put in until I have a physical Switch on which to activate a Nintendo account. I can just picture that going horribly wrong.

We’re sorry, that code is no longer valid, or has been used.

My son asked me to take some off-screen shots of various games he and I enjoy with my OLED screen, using my phone and I don’t know who would be interested in seeing these but it costs me nothing to upload them, so enjoy.

I tiled the screen at a slight angle and pushed the lens in close to keep the ambient light from coloring the image too much and get close in on the details.


Fire Emblem Three Houses

Zelda (Remaster)

Slay the Spire

Spelunky 2

Diablo 2

D’oh! My status is back to delayed.

EDIT: This is a rollercoaster, now it’s showing that delivery will be today.

EDIT3: FedEx claims they rang the bell for a signature and no one answered. My wife says no one rang the bell. The saga continues tomorrow I guess. FedEx website says I don’t have the option of signing for it online or of picking it up from somewhere because of a restriction on the delivery by Walmart.

EDIT 4: Fedex brought it back an hour ago, and my wife signed for it. Waiting for me at home. My first Nintendo console since the Wii! Hopefully this will be a better experience.

EDIT 5: This console is totally not what I expected. The biggest thing I guess it all boils down to the user experience being poor for me because I want to play on the TV, but this thing is pushing me towards playing on the screen. Oh well, not going to dwell on the negative. I got all my codes entered, at the rate of download, I should have all my games downloaded by late tonight or early tomorrow morning through the Wifi connection. I got the A and B buttons reversed, so the interface feels sane now. I’m looking forward to trying the games late tonight or tomorrow.

Just picked up an OLED Switch. Wasn’t gonna do it, then this rail problem popped up with my Switch, still wasn’t gonna do it, then $650 arrived randomly from the cosmos… and I’m weak.

The screen is niiiice.

So our Monkey preorders and doesnt get one for weeks, and you just stole his!

My son got a bit impatient with me always firing up Super Mario Odyssey, when there are clearly 3 other games on the main screen. So I fired up Zelda and played briefly. I’m digging the physics and the way Link interacts with the world so far. Then he got impatient and had me chose another game. I played Super Mario 3D World, and right away this game feels and plays better than Odyssey. He got impatient and had me pick the final game, which is actually 3 games (he doesn’t know that), so I picked Super Mario 64. I’m a little shocked at the seeming low frame rate, I don’t remember that part. But soon I was jumping around and exploring Ba-bomb’s place and it felt so good! The controls feel so crisp and precise compared to Super Mario Odyssey.

Hopefully I’ll come around on Odyssey. Weird that I picked the one game to start out of all of them that makes the worst first impression.

My kids aren’t really into Odyssey either for whatever reason. My daughter sticks to Animal Crossing and my son is all about Pokémon. I probably don’t need to buy any other games.

I know what every one of those words mean, yet that sentence makes no sense :)

You have to teach your kids the lesson of scarcity so that they may attain their true backlogging self as adults.

I may have been lucky, dunno. I looked at the Target store website and all the stores in my area were out of stock, except for one having a “limited quantity.”

I stop by, there’s nothing in the case besides the Mario Kart living room toyset and one Switch Lite. Not even an old Switch. Was about to leave, but I asked the clerk on the way out if they had any OLED Switches, and the answer was yes. They were all “in the back” or whatever.

I mean, I say that, but I do have a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles and Metroid Dread in my Amazon wishlist. I’m carrying on the time-honored tradition of teaching my kids to do as I say, not as I do.

I remember being ten years old and buying a game (I won’t date myself) and thinking “Yeah once I have this I won’t need any more video games!” That feeling didn’t last long.

My OLED version notes.

Screen much better on contrast and enough bigger to make a diff. The stand is just perfect now. Probably only worth it for people who play mostly handheld/tabletop.

I got my time/money worth out of Odyssey but I have no desire to ever pick it up again. I loved 3D World and the Galaxy games before that. At this point I think different styles of Mario game are just for different people.

For those of you who, like me, switch the A and B button on the Nintendo Switch, do you also switch the X and Y buttons too? Or do you just get used to the fact that those are switched?

I’ve noticed that in the games I’ve played so far, they do the same thing. So in Mario Odyssey X and Y do the same thing, and A and B do the same thing. I guess maybe they had foreseen that this would be an issue with people coming from playing on Xbox controllers for 20 years, so both of the buttons that are switched do the same thing.

But I’m assuming I’ll eventually run into games that have all 4 face buttons do different things.

Switching A and B is aces, it really works. I see A and I see B, and I never look down, I just KNOW that A is at the bottom in the South position and B is in the East position on the right. And so reversing those two is perfect.

Silly modern gamer!

I either switch both button pairs or neither. Otherwise you wind up with the two most common buttons (ie. jump and attack) being opposite from one another and awkward to press simultaneously.