Nintendo Switch

You can click on this and see your Year In Review. I wish it displayed some more/more interesting data, I had to manually sum up my hours played for example (744) and it took me a bit to figure out how to read the top games by hour section.

Here are my top 10 (by hours played):

I’d say my favorite game on the Switch this year was Tactics Ogre Reborn followed by Persona 5 Royal.


Still to play yet from this year:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Metroid Dread

I asked for them for Christmas or I’d have alread bought a copy of one or both by now, but I’m also still playing Tactics Ogre Reborn!

This was a pretty disappointing year for me on Switch. I bounced off XC3 hard, I haven’t really got into Splatoon 3, and the reviews for Mario + Rabbids put me off. Metroid Dread I liked a fair bit, but I think my top game was probably the Indiana Jones pinball table. And Game Pass has made me reluctant to use it as an indie gaming device.

Just make sure you don’t start it until you have time. 90 hours in and 5ish months since release I’m still plugging away at it. Pretty sure I’m very near to the end and that’ll probably be it for me. Lots of side quests I won’t do, but I’ve gotten my enjoyment out of it. And I think they needed that time to be able to really develop 6 main characters and still have a bunch of side-character stuff going on.

It was almost entirely Mario 3D All-Stars for me, followed by Super Mario Odyssey, followed by Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. I won’t bore you guys with the stats on that.

It was a grand time though! The next 3D Mario game can’t get here soon enough.

You don’t have to do it all at once. I put about 40 hours in at launch, then had a break for a couple months, now I have at least another 20 since I got excited about it again.

Being able to play all those combat tutorials and watch all the cutscenes again (as slow as they are to load) really helped, I’d be screwed otherwise. :)

Probably my favourite game of the year.

There are two types of Fire Emblem players; those that enjoy the social aspect of nurturing relationships between characters and those that prefer to delve into the tactical combat. Engage doesn’t ignore the former by any means, but Fire Emblem Engage seems like it may cater more to the later.

(Paraphrased) (but also note the comments indicate the marketing is saying there is a good bit to do outside of combat, though that isn’t to say the focus isn’t the combat portion of the game like this previewer felt from his time with the guided demo).

Sounds good to me!

Looks great, as well. They have really gotten some mileage ouf of the Switch hardware here - Three Houses was already a looker, this is another level on that. I love that clean UI for sure.

Things I like:

The Engage mechanic continues to sound really interesting and like something I will enjoy digging into and coming up with fun combos with.

I really, really like the free form movement here - it’s one of the things I enjoyed about Mario + Rabbids 2 that I am glad to see elsewhere. You can just move around freely withing the zone of range your movement allows, and when you are where you want to be, elect to move to that location.

No more weapon durability - honestly this was needed, because it added nothing to the experience and in Three Houses I remember the druability being high enough it was rarely any sort of issue anyway, so why even have it? This way if you find a cool weaon, you can just use it and enjoy!

The Engage rings have their own upgrade paths that provide permanent stat boons for the equipped character? Wild.

Not mentioned in this video (unless I missed it, I was skipping around) I did read the Divine Pulse (the mechanic where you can turn back time if you made a mistake) is also still here. Very cool, one of the best features in Tactics Ogre Reborn.

This is dropping in about a month, and I’m getting more and more excited!


Not a clue, to be honest. Maybe Cultist Simulator counts…?

Did you play Ring Fit Adventure? Something like that?

Does Immortals run well on Switch?

It does! I haven’t played it on any other platforms, so I don’t know if it fares any worse, but it works great handheld.

Nope, not Ring Fit. I’ll scroll through my games when I get home.

Does the eShop count, perhaps?


we isaac buddies!

no surprise there : i have yet to really start persona 5.

Sports Story is out now! Whopping $15.

I’ll keep an eye on impressions here for it. Especially about the sounds of Sports Story.

I bought Golf Story based on the recommendations here, and no one warned me that it’s the loudest game I’ve ever played, with a series of 8-bit sounding beeps and noises. So annoying that I had to immediately switch the game off.

I need to give that game another try with the sound off.

Golf Story is still my favorite Switch game.

ResetERA thread is increasingly full of people talking about performance issues, which just seems weird.

Why not just … lower the volume? Or turn the volume off entirely? I played Golf Story while watching TV without the sound on and enjoyed the hell out of it.