Nioh 2 - Turn demons into loot again

Is DLSS 2.0 still magic?

Yep. I keep expecting it to fail, but the faults it has are all vastly outweighed by the performance and visual improvements. The mip map discovery DF discovered in the above video was pretty impressive to me. Kudos to them for figuring it out.

Welp, apparently yesterday’s patch completely broke the game for me. At 4K, it’s a 100% crash to desktop on attempting to load my save (even when testing with all settings turned way down). Dropping the resolution lets me load the save, and UI elements look fine, but everything apart from the UI is complete blackness.

I was just about to post that a lot of people are complaining. I’ll check it out tonight.

Tried again at 1080p full-screen, and it seems to be playable, albeit jaggylicious. So better than nothing, but hopefully they fix it soon.

It seemed okay for me. I think I’ll try DLSS quality now after watching that video.

I haven’t had any performance issues but I had about three CTDs today, compared to 0 the rest of the time I have been playing the game. So it does seem like the latest update has done something wonky. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Weird. I played yesterday and had no issues whatsoever (but I play it at 1080p borderless).


Does anyone know how to trigger (and when) the Benkei sub mission in Tengu’s Disciple?

Is that one where you have to talk to him repeatedly in the Interim? Just keep talking until he exhausts his dialogue and it unlocks the mission.

Might be. Just not sure when he’s going to show up in the interim. I did the first DLC mission where you fight him.

I think you will have to finish the final main mission in the dlc first. Can’t say more than that without heavy story spoilers.

Does “it’s literally on the next tatami mat over” really qualify as “guidance”?

Sorry. Kodama was confused. Thanks for your service!

Thank you!

Still plugging away at Dream of the Demon. Nearing the end of the campaign and about to hit the DLCs. Had a bit of period where I was steamrolling a bit but things are getting pretty tough again. I notice I’m about 30 levels under the recommended for the missions I’m running, but I’m not sure how accurate that is anyway.

Regarding armor, I know that the Toughness stat is vastly different on light/medium/heavy armors. What about overall Defense? For the former, I’ve tempered so I just his the 200 toughness breakpoint with my current gear (mostly medium with two light pieces). But if I were to be in Heavy armor, does it get a lot more Defense? And how important is that stat? I wish I knew the math of how it worked. So many games, “Armor” is almost meaningless but I don’t think that’s the case here?

As I understand it, defense reduces the damage you take, and toughness reduces ki damage (so you spend less ki when blocking, for instance). Heavy armor has much higher toughness than medium, in average. Not sure about defense - I’ve seen light and medium armor pieces with more defense than heavy, but I’m not 100% sure they were at the same level. Too much loot. ;)

I’m near the beginning of Dream of the Demon and I’m pretty underleveled myself. It takes a long time to kill some of these bosses. I haven’t found good burst damage with the switchglaive and hatchets either.

I’ve found myself focusing a lot more on Confusion in DotD. That 50% damage boost goes a long way and there’s a clan out there that extends the duration if I’m not mistaken. I’m not running that clan at the moment but I’m tempted to transfer for that reason. Especially with how much more effort applying status can be in Expeditions with my friend.

Speaking of clans, is there a screen where I can see my current clan stat benefits? I know they scale up over time, but I want to see what my current value is. I don’t know if it reset that or not when I last transferred clans.

EDIT: Oh jeez, I just saw that Oda boosts confusion duration by 45% at max rank. Now I’m really really tempted.

I’ve just started a Switchglaive omnyo heavy armor build and very much digging the Confusion. It really is easy mode once applied.

Oda, huh? That was the name of my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in Mpls! Fate speaks!