Nioh - Demo on PS4


For whatever reason I find Haze with the katana the easiest parry to execute


TFW you realize you’ve been pronouncing it Nobunga in your head for the last 25 years.


Haha same, another example of the Mandela Effect.


Finished it. Yay, what a great game. Just over 50 hours too. That’s pretty beefy. Looks like there’s some bonus content too.

After that it’s time to continue on with two new weapons.


Good. Now we can finally go back on topic and talk about the demo.


Sounds like we’re getting the late March update today. They nerf some of the overpowered stuff like infinite living weapon builds, which is always sad when I don’t get a chance to try it briefly.

The 10 new difficult missions they added seem to contain a lot of double boss fights. Those are extremely hard in this system. Not sure how fun it will be.


Those are DLC missions, to be clear. [EDIT] Or not.

Fortunately the season pass is 33% off for the next day.!/en-us/games/addons/nioh-season-pass/cid=UP9000-CUSA07113_00-SPASS10000000000

That’s less than what I paid for it as part of the deluxe edition.

Preordering: still fucking stupid.


Yep, I made the same exact mistake.


Also, it’s not clear to me if the 10 bonus challenge missions are part of the DLC or not.


They seem free to me. Tried a few, nothing special, just monster/boss rushes.


Thanks for posting this. I had a lot of fun with the main game so I went ahead and picked up the pass with the discount.


So a bunch of people are losing their minds because the new patch (1.06) also weakened many of the more easy to exploit spells like sloth and carnage. They lost their minds as well in the previous patches when they removed equipment that could spawn that was waaay beyond what the game’s theoretical top equipment could do and I mean a “final-boss-dead-in-one-swipe” level of power.

People are really offended that a single player game got “nerfs”, but I don’t really see much of an issue with it. I’d rather know that the game has no ridiculous back doors, it deflates my motivation if there are, but one man’s power tool is another man’s cheat and all that.


They’re probably farmers that went from 34 second loops to 29 second loops or something. There’s no normal reason to be upset by this since you can respec to the next most overpowered build.

It’s also one of those gamer truisms that you should always buff and never nerf, and single player games don’t need to be balanced. I mostly agree with that but it’s okay to curb some silly stuff.


I’m only about halfway through the game but took a break whole they iron out all the exploits & issues. Looking forward to jumping back in after HZD though.


They didn’t change sloth, so you’ll still need to use your own judgment about when to use it.


Has everyone run out of games to play? Good, this should help with your boredom.

First DLC will be May 2nd. New weapon, mission, guardian spirit, enemy (enemies?) and whatever PvP mode they plan on doing.


Are you kidding? I’m probably set until September…

That said I got the season pass for Nioh.


It will only get worse if Sega releases Bayonetta on PC tomorrow.


It’s painful going back to 900p Nioh with framerate drops on PS4 Old after 25 hours of 60 fps joy in Bayonetta PC.

Anyway, the DLC is out Tuesday.