No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


Can you not build a signal booster and search for heridium that way rathr than a drop pod or habitat? Not something I have tried yet though


The signal booster allows you to search for a resource deposit, but doesn’t tell you what that resource is…


I think those big blue heridium tower-boulders are present on all planets. And they also don’t necessarily show up to a resource scanner, so you may just have to eyeball them.


I’ve done that. It just points out aluminum deposits. The spaceport idea is good but I don’t know where the nearest one is. I like solving these types of problems, and I’ve gotten much farther in the game before, but considering how little time I’ve put in to date, I think I’d rather restart. I don’t have tons of gaming time these days.


Destroyed sentinels can give Heridium too… though it may take a while, with quite the body count. :)

Also check in caves, use your scanner and watch for the grid.


Yeah big blue pillars is what you want to look for.

Also, I tried out the flora and fauna level 2 upgrades and the money from scanning things especially rare things is pretty good. 40k for some things. level 3 is probably even more.


I restarted and I’m glad I did. My new starting planet is packed with research stations, trading posts, drop pods, and all other manner of interesting space things. In all the time I’ve played NMS, I’ve never seen a planet with even 1/10 as many structures, aliens, etc. In the past, I’ve always wanted to get off the starting planet ASAP, but I think I’ll be spending some time on this one. Looks like I hit the RNGesus jackpot.


Big, freaky looking guy I ran into when I logged back on tonight. Luckily he was docile.



With low-tech weapons, wandering around on foot shooting critters for mordite or to do a mission is slow and tedious. They have this annoying tendency to run away. But I didn’t realize you could shoot critters with a photon cannon. And get the mordite and everything. So you just cruise slowly over the hillsides, slaughtering everything big enough that the game bothers to draw it for you…


Yeah seems OP* to me … you can do the same with the manufacturing facility doors. And depots.

(*but I don’t want them to take it away!)


Well had some luck, managed to get the antimatter blueprint and move to another galaxy with 6 unexplored planets. Anyways at the space station an alien offered me an upgrade from my basic 5 slot multi tool to a 19 slot for free, 9 of the slots needed repairing but were dirt cheap. Really pleased with it.


I noticed in the control options under Flight that you can’t bind a controller button to stop for some reason. The default is key S but I can’t get it to recognize left trigger on my controller. The only way around this limitation is to use a keymapper program.


How do you make an atlaspass no seemed to have found that out yet?


They’re craftable from blueprints which are tied to quests.


Atlas pass L1 spoiler (how to get)

I just got a level 1 pass by following the atlas path quest until I met Polo and Nada. I had enough survey data that I got a dialogue option to trade it in and got the pass blueprint. Not sure if it was RNG or a static drop. I remember last year getting the L1 pass this way…at least I’m pretty sure I remember it that way. To get to this part of the quest you need to find an atlas terminal in a system (think it’s called a terminal) interact with it and them warp to another system where you will get an anomaly detection. Dock with the anomaly and meet Polo and Nada.


I wish they would just give us a second save slot. I had so much money saved up and a wonderful ship from last year September. I want to start over, but am afraid I’ll get into the rut of hating the grind just to get money to upgrade again since I had accomplished a lot. But i want to re-witness all the stuff from the beginning and all that good sense of exploration and new story stuff.

Any suggestion?


As suggested earlier, back it up manually!

Then you can restore it later if you want.

Saves are stored in:

Just copy the folder somewhere safe. Unless you’re on PS4… In which case I’d suggest sucking it up and starting over. :)


I got the Fauna Analyzer Sigma upgrade to my visor and this clearly is not working for me at all. I’m getting exactly the same prices for uploading fauna as I did before I installed it (range of 2500-1500). Am I missing something else you have to install to get this to work?


The upload prices are still the same but you should get an immediate payment when the scan is completed. Note your credit total before the scan, complete the scan and you should see an increase. You can then upload the data and get the payment for that as well.


Aha, that explains it. Thanks!