No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

That’s verr’ nice.

Ohhh…shiny! Congrats!

Thanks! :)

This website is truly ugly but it has lots of good information on it.
Especially the optimal layout of upgrade modules which I discovered I was doing all wrong:

Also found this planet earlier that I thought was cool.

Dear god is that ugly or what? And what’s with the centered text? My brain is like, nope, nope, nope.

Tell me about it! - it’s like a timewarp back to Geocities :)
I recommend the upgrade module bonus info though. It gave me a good bump to my stats.

Anyone taking part in this?

This article doesn’t make sense. The most people in an instance is only 32. How can you have the massive battles this article talks about?

Yeah, way overhyped. It created a bunch of confusion on the NMS discord when new members kept popping in and asking about the “war”. No one had even heard of this thing.

“While PvP is a common experience in certain modes” - from article.

At best a misrepresentation of some players attempts at ganking/trolling - and most commonly encountered with base building hacks on quest locations. Common is a non-starter for accuracy under even the most generous of interpretations. Maybe they saw “survival” mode? (which players know has same PvP settings as every other mode). Makes me wonder if article’s author has ever played?

There was definitely some sort of concerted effort to create a “war” of some kind in Galaxy #50 (iirc). The person who posted the tweet that’s linked in the Polygon article also tweeted out a discord link, where presumably this stuff was being organized. (I didn’t go any further than finding the link to it.)

But yeah, NMS really doesn’t lend itself to this sort of gameplay, imo.

Expedition 2 is now live. This one is called Beachhead.
This one is much shorter than the first and is available for 2 weeks only.

Rewards for each phase:
Phase 1 - Freighter Recoloring Options
Phase 2 - Hadach’s Discovery IH4 starship
Phase 3 - Sparse Horizon Helmet
Phase 4 - Armored shoulder pads, chest piece, and leggings
Phase 5 - Beachhead Expedition Banner, and something hidden. All of the phase 5 milestones have encrypted goals and rewards

DLSS coming soon, in case you have trouble running this game, which you probably don’t.

I don’t know, it’s tough to run well in VR, especially at native G2 res. This might be the first DLSS VR game!

Though the native TAA makes the game way too blurry, hopefully this won’t carry over to DLSS.

DLSS replaces TAA so it will definitely help there.

Looking forward to it! :)

I completed the Beachhead expedition. This is the reward (pretty cool!):

I went and grabbed the doodad as soon as I saw the community progress get to 100. Since I hadn’t downloaded the steam update the quest registered I had the item and removed itself from my log list but DID NOT register as complete.

I restarted and could use the beacon just fine and completed the last two steps. But nothing I tried ever got the “get beacon” step to fully register complete. So I’m stuck as 4/5 on the last phase and no way to get the items to my main save if I can’t get that finished. :/

That’s a pain :(
Did you try buying a new one from the quicksilver merchant?

I have tried everything. There are quite a few reports now of people in exactly my spot.

Haven’t played NMS in awhile, but that is tempting me back. How long would it take to get through the expedition to get that reward?