NO politican freakouts

I figure we can collect politicans and media figures flipping out in this oen thread.

Nagin basically calls everyone incompetent morons:

Anderson Cooper flips the fuck out at Mary Landrieu:

Edit: Shafer has a bunch:

Holy crap, the media never does this. Here’s a CNN article doing a point by point comparision of politician statements with actual media observations of the NO chaos. They’ve snapped out of it.

Yeah, I read that earlier today. CNN, which normally tries very hard to remain objective and above the fray, is really letting loose.

Maybe if CNN grows a pair their ratings will come back to them.

Nagin for president 2008. Here’s your one big shot to get a black man in the white house, folks!

AP article on the same lines. Wow.

No freaking way I’d vote for him. He’s another in a decades-long line of New Orleans politicians who failed to rebuild the levees, being content to pester the feds and hope that no major hurricane would strike on his watch.

The female anchor (dunno her name) today on MSNBC (Abrams Report I think) was out for blood today, basically attacking every single authority figure she talked to, and at one point explicitly saying “we here can’t do anything immediately to help, but what we can do is find who to blame”.

That put me off a little. But seeing TV anchors not put up with politician blather is a very welcome change.

Cooper’s “Mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more” reaction seems genuine and is certainly refreshing given the plastic superficiality of what passes for broadcast news these days, but it just makes me want to say, “Buck up, pretty boy.” Seeing comfortable upper middle class spokesmodels reacting hyperbolically to real world horrors they “get” to witness first hand just pisses me off.

It’s better than seeing comfortable upper-upper class politicos not reacting at all, isn’t it?

It’s better than seeing comfortable upper-upper class politicos not reacting at all, isn’t it?[/quote]

Now wait a minnit! A smirk speaks volumes…

For Cooper, try “upper upper class.” His mom is one Gloria Vanderbilt.

And I wasn’t blaming anyone, until they started trying to cover it up.

It’s better than seeing comfortable upper-upper class politicos not reacting at all, isn’t it?[/quote]

This is the second night in a row where I have seen Shepard Smith talk over Bill O’Reilly successfully.

O’Reilly: “You sound a little bitter, Shep.”

I’ll say! He’s been pretty impressive, actually.

… and Geraldo just totally lost it on camera; grabbed a baby and held it up in front of the camera, talking about how it’s inconceivable that these kids are still stuck here, etc; then he couldn’t talk coherently and started crying.

Then Shepard Smith, who was on the link, did some ranting of his own about what could possibly be wrong with just walking “over that way”, just to get that much closer to civilization, but the federal checkpoints keep turning people back who try to walk out of the city. Seriously, what the hell?


Sean says they need to get some perspective and Shep screams at him “this is the perspective!”

From one of the comments:

It’s the revolt of the media. Even the conservative media. David Brooks went off the reservation this evening on PBS Newshour and said he knows how the Democrats have felt all along about Bush right now: he is really really angry at him, and its a shameful side of this administration that is going to hurt conservatives.

Yah, mon. This is post-Katrina America, and we’re seeing things in a new way now. We can’t go back to that pre-Katrina mentality. Keep that in mind when the Republicans try to do estate-tax elimination next week: they’re in a pre-Katrina mentality.

Okay. Kayne West, number one hip-hop artist, had a total freak-out on the telethon tonight. He was way inarticulate and scared, but he shocked everyone (he was standing next to Mike Meyers) by stumbling into the truth: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Wow. It was one of those wow moments. The switcher cut away in the middle of the word “people.” But it was too late. Someone said it.


During the Concert for Hurricane Relief, Kanye West and Mike Meyers were celebrity narrators during the segment, West said: (rush transcript)

…I hate the way they are portrayed in the media. Black families it says they are looting, white families it says the are looking for food…They’ve given them permission to go down there and shoot us"

“George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

Mike Meyers was floored…

Meyers manages to keep this poker face through Kanye snapping.

Seeing it is way more visceral than the transcript. Kanye was on the verge of tears and had a classic 1,000 yard stare.

Did anyone see this live? How far into the concert did it happen?

I’ll be curious to see if they leave that in when the rebroadcast starts here on the west coast in a few minutes.