I just watched the trailer, and even the damned trailer made me weepy.

The cynical me says it is a stab for Academy Awards. The sentimental me says I don’t care.

Oh they have that white haired guy. I’ve seen him on his YouTube channel.

I feel like there’s something existentially terrifying to certain people about that living in vans lifestyle - those question like, what do i do, where do I go, who do i know? To the kinds of people who make movies it’s probably the furthest from their expectations of a good life. It’s also kind of clear that the romance of it pretty quickly disintegrates into cold camping in lonely, unfurnished places - all those shots about driving into snowing nothings. You can imagine it’s a lifestyle with much time and little to do, something it directly references (the all you have are memories monologue). You can see the film is trying to shoehorn a Great American Narrative about homelessness in there, but then it kind of pulls back and goes a different direction by the end of the trailer. There’s nothing certain high culture types loves more than finding Real Americans living alternative lifestyles they themselves would trade anything not to live.

In brief, it looks like basically someone was watching a lot of “How to live in a van” YouTube videos and decided to make a MUBI film out of it.

I thought maybe this was some acronym I’ve never heard before (Made Up By Ignoramuses?), but I guess it’s yet another streaming service? Founded in 2007?

I mean i’m kind of a MUBI guy ^^, that’s just about all the kinds of films i can stand to watch. But there’s certainly a type. It’s actually not-so-subtle vehicle for European filmmaking and filmmakers: it claims to be “co-founded by the European Union, Creative Europe Media”, though how much this is true or an exaggeration of involvement is hard to say.

I cannot wait to see this on Boxing Day. The Rider’s remains one of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen. Chloe Zhao must be a remarkable woman. Not only is she an incredibly gifted filmmaker, but the fact she managed to get local, non-professional actors from a community outside of her culture to wholly trust her and play such natural versions of themselves is mind boggling.

Looks great. I love Frances McDormand.

This doesn’t appear to be streaming anywhere. How is anyone getting to watch this?