Non offensive or controversial introductory post

I am very happy to be here.

I like puppies, and also ice cream.

I would very much like to be friends with all of you. I definitely don’t want to overstep any invisible boundaries or stir any shit. Thank you for this opportunity.

If he posts in a civil manner under a new name, that’s fine by me. It would demonstrate that he picked something up from the original ban.

Frankly I’d be more concerned with people riding him if they know the two identities are the same person.

What was the reason behind posting this?

And people say there’s no investigative journalism in the game industry…

Just sharing.

Yeah, no offense to Kratz, but having only 2 posts after having been registered only two weeks ago with your second post being about someone posting under a new nick sounds like you have something against him personally.

Senator_cthulhu has two choices, he can behave or he can be an asshole and this new persona can get kicked. In neither case does his previous persona make all that big of a deal.

Put me in the “meh” camp.

That’s a MEH for me too.

I’ll make sure to up my post count.

Your days must be empty to spend so much time playing internet detective.

Here’s a suggestion! Learn to play the guitar, it helps pick up chicks.

What, play guitar like this? Ironically, sadly, it only started to get chicks’ attentions after I was married.

Sorry, I’m way ahead of you. :)

As for internet detective… lighten up, jesus. I registered over here, saw he’d gotten banned, he got banned over there, this came up in a thread over there, I posted it here. It’s not that dramatic.

Or is this just the hazing period?

No, it’s just the usual “This is Gone Gold part 2, right?” period that inevitably happens after one of you comes over. Use a fucking PM if you’re going to try to be a tattletale.

So we have the Internet Detective and the Threadcop posting in the same thread. We’re well-guarded against anybody being complete and utter fucking jerks starting completely frivolous topics on this board, right?

Oh, damn! I’ve gone and forgotten which one of you I was making fun of. Oh, no, no, wait, it just came back to me. We don’t need anymore assholes to come to this board from Gone Gold or… well, anywhere! We all ready have Jon R.

I guess I’ll be the first to say the obvious…

Is it a demotion to go from Lord to Senator? Does this mean instead of ruling a fiefdom he will be sharing leadership? If he’s the dark one with the tentacles, who’re the other Senators?

Posted in the Freespace thread, but I’m reposting it here too.

-not wumpus

Yeah Kratz, you need at least 62 posts to get away with this sort of thing.

-not Cleve

You still have seniority over me in the chain of assholes, Mr. Pot. Kratz’ little outing get you antsy or something?

I’d just like to register my opposition to the policy of requiring returning posters to not use capitalization. Hyphen denial is one thing, but capitals as well? That’s just unnecessarily harsh.

Ok, who be Kratz?

I demand that from here on out, when someone says or does something stupid*, someone quotes it to preserve it for those of us who live on a normal sleep schedule!

*Don’t bother quoting everything I write.

Someone just explain this to me: senator cthulhu is Lord Ebonstone. Fine. Who’s Kratz? Lord Ebonstone again? Since the first post was obviously edited, I have no idea what this conversation is even about.