Notre Dame (the cathedral, not the college) is burning.

Huge fire going on at Notre Dame in Paris. Looks…bad.

Same. This looks really bad.

I can’t think that they’ll get this under control any time soon, seeing these pictures and video.

Early thoughts from authorities is that renovations on the cathedral may be at the root cause, somehow.

terrible!! How this happened?

Oh crap. That’s going to be devastating.

The one I saw online

Pretty devastating

Given the size of the fire at this point, there’s not gonna be a lot left. There’s a huge freaking pillar of flame shooting out of the roof.


Reports are out that the main roof collapsed.

Fuck. FUCK.

Don’t worry, I’m OK.

Wow. That’s awful. Logically, I can imagine the occasional destruction of a world famous landmark by fire. The original St. Paul’s Cathedral in London was wiped out in the great fire of 1666. They eventually rebuilt it almost as large as the original. But I’ve been to Notre Dame, felt the weight of centuries pressing down (relieved only by a set of flying buttresses) and it hurts to see these images.

If the fire did stem from renovation work, the silver lining would be that this great injury to history and architecture wasn’t caused by a modern day Herostratus.

Devastating scenes.

Spire has collapsed

Because we have a dumbass in charge…

Yes, dropping 50 tons of water on it would likely put out the fire … and demolish the building.

They’re going to lose the whole thing, I fear.

Looking at all the scaffolding I can imagine this was caused by some construction worker screwing up.

Imagine being the guy who dropped the cigarette… (Or whatever happened!)

Yep, early reports from the site indicate a fire that began in the attic where the renovation work was taking place spread across the roof rapidly.