NWN2 - Recommended Addons

Without knowing anything about RA Salvatore, I have a feeling he’s about as Latino as Geraldo.

Yeah, I can’t wait for the updated version for MotB to come out. Right now it’s just NWN2 vanilla 1.10. SlimUI is the GUI one I recommended; it’ll have to be updated quite a bit for MotB considering the new inventory panel and expansion specific spirit-eater panel.

Tonk_K has a Beta of his next version of the AI mod available in this thread for those of you that are interested.

Yeah, SlimUI is the one I have. And he was asking for mods for the original game. Those two have made me much happier to go through the game again. I am slowly but surely progressing through the stuff I did before (didn’t like my last build), and I think I’ll actually make it to the castle stuff I hear so much about. Can’t wait.

BTW someone sent me this link:

Warlock Buddy - by Draco Rayne / Fuegan, which I guess is a UI/script/macro mod that makes life as a warlock easier.

PS here’s the link for Slim GUI. I think there are some details how to hack it to work with MotB but YMMV.

Just and FYI but a bunch of the major class and spellfix mod makers are collaborating on making their mods easily merge-able, which means that soon we will be able to play with the following in one mega-mod:

Tony_K’s MotB AI (beta right now)

Reeron’s Spellfixes and Improvements (Warlock, 3.5 HA, RDD, PM, BG and Assassin fixes, oodles of spell fixes, etc)

Draco & Kaedrin’s PrC and Spell Pack (Eldritch Theurge, Mystic Theurge, Swashbuckler, Avenger class (among many others), new spells for divine books, Blackguard, and Assassin)

Solokai’s Dragon Disciple (10 Types) - yes get your Green or Bronze Dragon Disciple on

Fully dynamic (armor/weapons work properly on model) Lizardmen and Faeries. (I’m forgetting who is working on this one) Even has racial banners properly done.

Oh, I just found out that 1.5 of Tony_K’s AI will work with MotB but just won’t take advantage of any of the new feats or spells.

Nice! Any word on when they’ll release their first mega-mod?

BTW, the latest version of Reeron’s fixes came out yesterday.

I think the first release will be a mega-merge of Solokai’s Dragon Disciple, Draco’s Class Pack, and Kaedrin’s PrC and Spell Pack. After that I’m sure that Reeron’s will be coming, and Tony_K’s AI already works (no dialog.tlk file for that) as long as you use the version of Reeron’s stuff that’s made for Tony_K’s AI mod (it reverts certain spells back to Obsidian’s defaults to avoid crashes/bugs).

I played around with Kaedrin’s pack by itself the other day and I have to say that it’s pretty damn cool. The Hospitaler class is very interesting, and can fit into a more melee oriented cleric or favored soul build pretty easily. I made a Favored Soul 18 / Hospitaler 10 / Fighter 2 build for fun, the link is on Kaedrin’s PrC pack page.

I just started a Necromancer type character in Pool of Radiance Remastered, but ran smack into the unpleasant surprise that you can only have one summoned creature at a time (in NWN2 in general). This is absolutely ridiculous.

Anyone know of a mod in existance to address this, hopefully?

I tried poking around in the toolset myself, but I’m too much of a noob to understand what I’m doing.

AFAIK, that’s a hard-coded limit in NWN 1 & 2: one summons per character. Not aware of any mod which changes that. Druids, rangers, and Animal domain clerics also get their companions, while wizards & sorcerers get their familiars, but that’s it.

Well that really sucks. :(

I sort of worked around it by playing a Druid with Augment Summoning. So at least I get two “pets” in the Animal Companion and the Summoned creature.

I noticed there’s also a domain for a Cleric that lets you summon a Shadow for a third pet (2nd comes from the Animal domain), but one of the mods I have must’ve broken something because the shadow never appears when I cast it.

Another thing I found disappointing is that if you use a Prestige Class, it halts the leveling progression of your pet. It only grows in level with you if you stay as a Druid/Ranger/Cleric with animal domain. If you want to multiclass to a Stormlord, for example, the pet will forever be stuck at a low level.

That’s how DnD works. If you start going up in another class, your current class doesn’t get any better. And animal companions are based off of class level not character level. There are prestige classes that may stack with a druid/ranger/cleric class for leveling up the animal companion, but I don’t know of any off hand (or if they’ve been incorporated into NWN2).

Unrelated: I picked up the NWN Diamond Pack the other day as I couldn’t find NWN2 anywhere. Going back to 3e is weird after spending so much time with 3.5e. I managed to find a copy of NWN2 online and am waiting for it to be shipped.

I meant my guildmate, but I fail at antecedents.

Yep. If you’re a Druid, you can take a feat called Nature’s Bond that’s similar to Practiced Spellcaster but for your animal companion. The incentive to stay in your class is to get ALL the progression and such.

Especially since NWN1 has a very, ah…creative interpretation of the 3e ruleset. NWN2’s implementation of 3.5e is certainly far from perfect, but it’s so much closer.

Their complete failure (ie just not doing it at all) at grapple and trip rules is pretty disappointing though (in NWN2). Evard’s Black Tentacles is useless without grapple in the game.

That’s annoying. My druid in the pnp game I play on Tuesday nights is pretty much set up to be a trip monkey. Improved Trip + Bull Strength + Animal Growth + Dire Ape wildshape + Dire Wolf pet (for that extra trip attempt should mine fail) = attacks of opportunity for the party pretty much every round.

While we we’re talking about NWN2, could anyone let me know if the performance has improved at all after patching? I’d wanted to play this when it was first released, but I’d gotten the impression that my PC (P4 3.0, 2 gigs of RAM, GeForce 6800) wouldn’t have been able to run it at a playable framerate. I’ve been tempted to finally pick this up, but should I even bother?

None of your mods broke it… that’s just the way NWN2 is coded. You’re allowed one “permanent pet” (animal companion, shadow companion, whatever), and one summoned pet. The game is kinda weird about which slot a summonable uses. Kinda irritating… I have a bard/dragon disciple/blackguard/frenzied berzerker, and my summons often cancel each other out.

The patches have improved performance quite a bit. I found the framerates mostly playable on release, except for a few places. I played it with a Radeon 9600, so I had the settings way, way down.

From all I’ve heard, the game plays very smoothly now. It’s hard for me to tell, as I got a new video card (8800), but its very smooth at maximum settings for me.