NWN2 Rennaisance

So the 1.11 patch for NWN2 is out now (run NWUpdate), and so is the combined pack of Reeron & Trekari’s PnP class and spell fixes, Kaedrin’s PrC, divine, assassin, and blackguard spell pack, and Tony_K’s AI. This great pack gives you new melee/divine, divine/rogue, and melee/rogue PrCs, a more PnP type Blackguard, Assassin, Harper Agent, Palemaster, fixed PnP spells, and much better AI with extensive behavior options.

I’ve restarted playing the OC with MotB, 1.10 and this pack installed (I manually updated Kaedrin’s to 1.20, but it should be integrated into the pack shortly), and I’m having a blast. Playing a Fighter 2 / Wizard 5 Fire Genasi and enjoying myself, going to go F2/W5/EK10/PM3 and then in MotB I’ll go F8/W5/EK10/PM7 I think (AC/BAB > Wizardy stuff late game). I did noticed that in 1.11 they made Duergar into ECL +1 instead of +2, which may be interesting for an evil playthrough.

Looking forward to the Planescape Purgatorio release, and of course the Adventure Pack “Mysteries of Westgate.” (by Ossian Studios)

Just noticed that the leader of Rogue Dao (Monty) was hired by Obsidian, which is interesting news. (They are the group making Purgatorio)

Edit: Clean-up and links.

Edit 2: Factual error, I was using 1.10. I just patched to 1.11, and I haven’t tried it again yet. I noticed that the combo pack is being updated for 1.11 shortly, and I manually updated my combo pack incorrectly. :P

Is it known whether this patch can be used with old save games?

I haven’t seen anything saying otherwise, so I’m going to tentatively say yes. I haven’t noticed any issues so far.

I would note though that if you have gameplay or tweak mods installed that were developed against the versions 1.10 or older, they may not work (YMMV). I believe UI ones still work if they were developed against 1.10.

Edit: I also noticed that there is a custom spellbook mod being made for NWN2, which will allow PrCs like Assassin and Blackguard to have proper spellbooks instead of spells as feats. I believe it should also allow dual-spell progression classes like Mystic Theurge, Heirophant, Eldritch Theurge, etc to work.

Edit 2: For those of you who also have NWN1 still installed 1.69 patch with included community content should be coming out soon as well.


Yeah, I was hopeful that patches would make the game stop sucking… for the first three months or so. After a while, you need to face facts about turd polishing.

My wife’s trying to play the original NWN2 campaign right now. Just came into the room and complained that she “can’t find the final (expletive deleted) ghost in the gem mines”. I’ve no idea what she’s talking about - never played it! However, I did note that the game runs at around 40 fps these days, as opposed to the roughly 6 fps it used to run when first installed. However, it’s a pity they can’t patch better voice acting in - it’s worse that daytime TV.

The faces are better than the diseased mutants in Oblivion, though.

Yeah, I always thought it was sort of strange that the most normal looking NPCs in Oblivion were the damned Orcs.

I’m not sure what your attitude problem is but I, and others here, enjoyed NWN2 quite a bit in its original (if somewhat buggy) incarnation.

If you bought the game and thought it had too many issues to enjoy, going and downloading the patch costs you nothing.

Buck up, pal.

Also, Mask of the Betrayer’s campaign is pretty great in comparison to the OC. The 1.11 patch notes say that it has even mitigated some of the more annoying issues with the plot device. (Spirit Eater feats messing with your alignment)

This game needs new content. No matter how they keep tweaking and changing characters, game systems, etc, there’s only so many times one can play through the original campaign or the expansion before getting bored to tears.

Community made modules are all really short (so you never get to see a full character progression from 1-20, much less epic levels) and less than a handful of them are actually good.

At this point I’d gladly pay a full game price for an expansion of MoTB’s length and quality. That would definitely get me to launch the game again.

Back right. I know exactly where the bastard is. Little Dwarf fellow.

Yep, MOTB was one of the best CRPGs of the past 10 years, flat out. Don’t dismiss NWN2 due to its lackluster original campaign. I’m also looking forward to purgatorio and ossian’s modules.

Any module recommendations? I spent hundreds of hours playing NWN1 modules, but never really got into it in NWN2.

Don’t bother. They pale in comparison to the NWN1 stuff. All are short with low production values and not a decent story in sight. There’s one where the authors even attempt voice acting. It is so unbelievably horrible you begin to appreciate what you got in the original campaign. And that module is in the hall of fame! shudder

The fan made stuff is particularly painful after MoTB.

Or you could hate on all that is good and wonderful, yeah. The mod community had years to work on NWN1 stuff, with a much cruddier editor and far less graphical stuff to deal with. Are you really that astonished that in the brief time this game has been out they’ve not had a chance to catch up with that level of sophistication? If all you’ve got is bitter complaints and an aversion to new things, you’re better off sticking your blase head in a woodchipper than continuing life.

I liked most of the ones that have been named on here already about a billion times. They’re pretty well made and most of them are long enough to keep you going for a play session or two. My favorite thus far is definitely Pools of Radiance, but the others have all been good enough to entertain me.

That right there is a link to the Top Rated section on a pretty common site for dumping mods. Read some of the comments before you download – most of them give you a fairly good idea of what to expect without ruining what will happen.

My one big complaint is that most of them are designed for low level characters. I don’t know about you, but levels 3-5 are only entertaining so many times – eventually you just want to open up that can of whoopass and get cracking with a high level character.

Meh. I liked em all, and I expect really impressive stuff in the future.

I downloaded the new patch but sadly it did not fix my graphical glitch (disapearing minimap and icons). Bleah. I would like to replay NWN2 and MOTB but the glitches are too much of a pain.

I haven’t actually played this game, but a lot of what you said doesn’t make sense. When you say PnP is there any chance you actually mean PrC?

PnP means Pen and Paper, as far as I know.

Yep. And he actually used PrC and I clearly have dyslexia and was misreading.


Makin’ my sad face here. :(

If everyone apologized when they said something stupid, the internet would probably implode!

You don’t want to kill our internet, do you? Do you?!

Dude, do you remember NWN1 modules after the first couples years? Yeah, a lot like what you just described. Considering the extra amount of effort required to make NWN2 mods over NWN1, I’d say the quality is on a higher pace than the first. You can continue with your moronic comments, but you’re not saving anyone any trouble, and just giving mod builders another reason why they shouldn’t bother. Out of curiosity, how many reviews of NWN2 modules did you post? How much feedback did you give to the mod builders? Do any testing? They love constructive feedback and suggestions, even the occasional random question or two to help them from building in a bubble. What doesn’t help them is stupid whining. So do you help any of the builders or do you just whine?