NWN2 - Storm of Zephir

So I did some searching and couldn’t come up with any thread for this one, but it should be shipping today and arriving most places tomorrow and I’m pretty jazzed about playing a classic-style RPG where I can create a party and explore a large world! Plus, it’s DnD so that’s a bonus as well.

Though, I do still wish the NWN2 combat wasn’t quite so chaotic. I much prefer the more strategic pace of pen and paper or even Temple of Elemental Evil, but what can you do?

So is anyone else picking this one up?

There is a “first impressions” up on some site called “Theive’s Guild” that had some great info (and some slight early game spoilers) for those who want some more in-depth info.



I’ll pick it up, just as soon as I finish with Fallout and Fable…

For those of you who grab it up early, how does it compare to Mask of the Betrayer?

Aaah no time for games now.

Between WOTLK and L4D.

I really like MOTB, hopefully this one is as good or better.

Holy cow, this is already out? I thought it wasn’t coming til well after Christmas. Oh well.

I’m not sure I’m going to be picking it up right away, but I have been following development pretty closely. Unlike MOTB, this one is a fresh start with new characters and is more like a classic RPG then the more recent offerings. As the Thieves Guild preview points out, the interaction with characters looks to be much less developed.

Still, it looks like a fun diversion.

Too busy with WoW for now.

Yeah, I was going to hold off on Wrath until early next year, give it some time to level out, so to speak. Plus, none of my RL friends are playing it yet. ;)

Waiting for my copy, should be here on Friday. The changes sound great, and the game supposedly takes from 4 to 30 in 30 hours of gameplay.

If you mean “from LEVEL 4 to LEVEL 30 in 30 hours” that’s not right. It’s level 4 and most developers were around level 16 or so at the end of the 30 hour campaign, but with random overland encounters and doing all side-quests, you could probably hit 18 or 19, we’re told (on the official board).

I suppose you could GRIND your way above 20 and into the epic levels but… ick.

Also, you can import a really high level party into the campaign, but then you’d just walk through everything. shrug

I’ve read on some NWN forums that Mask of the Betrayer is supposed to be easy, but my Paladin from the original campaign keeps getting slaughtered. I tried to follow a guide online to gain some perks from another class, which resulted in him being a weeee bit weak. I was doing fine until I ran into some random encounter in a bar where some thugs drop me like a rock. I’d like to carry the same character throughout, so Storm of Zephir will have to wait a bit longer.

Ah, so the limit is still 30 but the campaign is barely capable of hitting 18 or 19, guess I misunderstood that.

Yeah, it’s geared for what I consider the more interesting point in DnD, but I can see where some folks really enjoy the late/epic game.

Ryan, SoZ is an entirely different campaign, you don’t have to have finished MoB first. You’ll be able to create a brand new character (and up to 3 extra characters you get to completely control, even multi-class with) and they will start at level 4. You can also have one (or two with the Leadership feat) “cohorts” that also level up with your instruction.

Though, do finish MoB first, I’ve heard good things (I didn’t finish it, my HDD died in the middle and I’ve never gone back to it).

MoTB is fantastic. Brilliant writing and great characters that gives the world a real sense of place.

A few thoughts…

Pick a class with a broad selection of skills you’ll be rewarded with better conversation options. There are frequent checks in the dialogue anything from Alchemy to Intimidate. Of the speech skills diplomacy seemed the most common though. MoTB also checks against primary stats like wisdom as well.

Invest in the epic spell feats. Vampire Feast is a knockout for example.

Be careful with your spirit energy. Even if your playing evil be very cautious about using devour. The times where you’ll really want to use it will show up in dialogue. That said theres plenty of xp available for you to use satiate once or twice and still hit level thirty.

Use the crafting system. You can make weapons that far exceed the store bought goods and they make combat far easier.

How did you level your Paladin? The class in general is a bit front loaded with most of its best stuff obtained early on, and then quickly becomes a bit of hybrid, which is rarely a good thing in the min-max heavy world of DnD. I think the temptation for Paladins is to either have it all (which you can never do… except clerics) or focus on their support stuff (such as spell casting) which doesn’t give Paladins a lot. Not saying you cannot play a straight Paladin, just realize you are giving up some min-maxing and still need to keep up in certain areas such as combat.

Edit: Also, SoZ is out now! Crud, there goes my weekend. On the otherhand, the desicion to not get Left 4 Dead at this time just became a lot easier to make.

So did “Mysteries of Westgate” ever come out?

Any day now! Really! For sure this time!

I wish I could get this digitally, like say Steam.

The patch on Monday apparently included the authentication system for Westgate.

It’s not Steam, but Direct2Drive has it.

Got it preordered from the UK to try and beat the Australian release date. I can’t wait. MotB ended up being one of my favourite RPG experiences since PS:T and although SoZ is a completely different direction, that ol’ fashioned adventuring sounds like just the right thing at the moment.

And, of course, the authentication system is finally in so MoW must surely only be a few years away.