Obamacare is the law of the land


Are you kidding? The Senate is the only reason Obamacare is still alive right now. The house will go for this bill like a Rottweiler being tossed a raw steak.


This is the opposite of fantastic news. This is a sign that:

  1. The Senate tax plan still can’t pass Byrd, they need money so…
  2. They’re raiding subsidies by killing the ACA and taking the coverage from 13 million and gutting Medicare and Medicaid.

…and they think no one’s going to notice that this just turned into a healthcare bill and that they’ll get it passed.


What if they knew they couldn’t pass it anyway and this was thrown in there to make sure they didn’t shoulder all the blame?


Holy shit Claire! Goddamn, gooooooo girl!


How on earth did she get elected in Missouri?? Oh, she ran against the “legitimate rape” asshole.


Yeah, kind of a charmed life so far in the Senate. Got in in the 2006 wave by beating a guy – Jim Talent – who managed during his career to be both incredibly boring and incredibly unlikeable.

And then she beat Todd Akin in 2012.

And now her main hope in 2018 is an anti Trump wave. I think now that she might be the most vulnerable incumbent Democratic senator, which…with Heitkamp, Tester, and Donelly up for re-election is saying something.




Well, shit.


It’s great how when Democrats are in power, there are filibusters and rules, but once the GOP is in charge, apparently you can do literally anything with simple majority and all the rules are just suggestions.


Holding the moral high ground over the subhuman waste that is the Republican party feels real nice right up until the raging dumpster fire they’re throwing fuel onto starts to spread onto your nice, shiny hill. …


I guess the Democrats never heard of “reconciliation” under Obama, or else they foolishly thought it had something to do with reconciliation.


I seem to recall that they did use it to pass the ACA back in 2010, or do I misremember?


Hmm, maybe she’s not trading blood for oil after all.

A spokesperson for Murkowski told POLITICO that the comments should not be construed as support for the tax bill, which does not yet appear to have sufficient support to pass the chamber.

“Senator Murkowski said on Friday that she will be reviewing the work of the Finance Committee over the Thanksgiving holiday and plans to look at the entire package before coming to any conclusion on the legislation," the spokesperson said.



I recall them not being able to do anything forever because Franken needed a recount.

They needed 60 and it took forever to get.


Thinking about this a bit - I think it would have been harder for the Dems to use reconciliation even if they wanted to since the budgets they were passing were primarily for budget increases vs cuts.

Going forward, I guess one way they can incorporate this is propose reconciliation changes that will only hit red states to try to keep things budget neutral.


Democrats could use reconciliation to simply reverse all the changes made by the GOP. Which I think is preferable to more shenanigans targeting particular states.


Doesn’t there need to be budget cuts for reconciliation to trigger in the first place? Maybe I’m misunderstanding how the process works.


Has to be revenue neutral or positive over ten years.

I wonder why the tax cuts in the “tax plan” sunset…


Just hike taxes on the rich a huge amount and say it’s justice.

Or kill the filibuster entirely if you must- do it before the Republicans do it.