Obi Wan film in discussion

I’ll probably never watch the Animated series, but I’m curious, what is being a Jedi ghost like, according to the animated series?

The life of a jedi ghost is always intense.

Stephen Daldry is a good director. I’m curious to see how the guy behind Billy Elliot, The Hours, and The Crown would handle a gigantic blockbuster action franchise like Star Wars. That plot synopsis sounds like a throwback Western. Ranchers versus Comanches and the gunslinger in between.

So a Star Wars version of Pale Rider?

Did no one read the Kenobi book?

This is exactly that, and it was pretty freakin’ good stuff, honestly.

Would this be the book I am looking for?

Yes, it’s actually quite good, imho.

It wasn’t the worst thing I read out of the EU (now Legends) books, but I really didn’t think it was that good. A ton of it was that shopkeeper character romance, which I felt was super clumsily written.


I don’t know why you’d expect a Stephen Daldry Star Wars movie, though. You will get a Disney Star Wars movie or Daldry will be fired.

There’s some variance there. If someone had told me twenty years ago that I’d someday see a Star Wars movie in which all the main characters die, or one with Luke being a sincerely crotchety hermit and not Yoda pretending, I’d have said they were nuts.

The Obi Wan film should be a remake of Midnight Run with Boba Fett as the Bounty Hunter (surprise?) and Obi-Wan as the person he is hired to bring in. It will be great.

The Deadpool movies are popular. Obi Wan should team up with Deadpool. Obi Wan would be the serious Colossus guy.

OK, so … maybe not a film after all?

Sure, only a rumor at this point, but I figured it was worth mentioning.

Rumor being reported as true in several places, but none with solid record.

However past history suggests high probability. The Mandalorian is one high profile Disney Plus project, Ewan has expressed many times in the past an interest in returning to the role, and the chance to star and direct episodes is a pretty good carrot.

I give this a high probability of true.

Yeah, the timing coincides with Disney’s D23 conference next week as well. We won’t have long to wait for an official confirmation.

It is a bit weird to hear about this so soon after Disney announced a Star Wars “hiatus,” though. We have Episode 9 this year, so I guess 2020 will see nothing, with 2021 for Obi Wan and then the new trilogy from the Game of Thrones dudes starting in 2022? Not much of a hiatus!

The Mandalorian comes out this year in November. The Resistance cartoon is ongoing and will be continuing through next year. Clone Wars Season 7 will debut on Disney plus sometime in the next year. Obi Wan very well could debut next year.

Movie hiatus. No hiatus on the TV series on Disney+, I don’t think. And remember Obi Wan will be a Disney+ thing, not a theater release, even if it’s a limited episode series.

Oh, OK, I didn’t catch that part. Makes sense.