Obsolete software categories or hardware


CD/DVD burning and emulation software (Nero, Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%) as well as sales of burners and media themselves must have dried up in past few years.

Can you think of any others?


I just threw away a bunch of CDRs and DVDRs because I finally admitted they’re completely useless. None of the computers in our household even have disc drives anymore.


And the related software/services.


I think scanners are starting to dwindle. I used to need it for copying receipts for expense reports but now can take a picture with my phone.

Faxing is probably headed that way to.


I should do this more often with crap where fidelity isn’t important.

And why are you guys getting rid of your disc drives? How else are you supposed to rip all your discs to store on a big hard drive? Maybe you’ve already done that. I feel like I’m way behind.


WinAMP, perhaps?

Also, I kind of miss Light Scribe.

Remember when TV’s were 3D? LOL.


CRT monitors, obviously. Despite that they look much better than LCD.


And kill small children.

Mid-range camera’s seem to be on the list. I know because I’m in the market and there seems to be a choice between a 100 dollar Polaroid fad camera or a 600+ for the ones with exchangeable lenses. I don’t like the digital only option on my phone, and want an upgraded my old camera and there’s very few options now.


I thought programs like LiteStep and Object Desktop were obsolete with the release of Windows 7, but when I switch to Windows 10 and Metro I might want them again.


Learning to type software.


so-called millennials and kids with their smartphones wielded to their faces these days also lack touch typing skills, digital literacy and privacy smarts.


I don’t know about this - some of these kids text faster than I can type, and I’m a fairly nimble typist! I can’t text for shit, I just use the to speech to text feature instead, or just call or say “check your e-mail for my response”.


I’m not sure why you think this. I look at the generation in front of me and they struggle with even the most basic smartphone functions… if they have any at all. We spent an hour at a family Christmas party trying to explain the difference between a laser printer, an inkjet printer and why printing nothing but county maps would mean any estimates on the inkjet cartridges would would not be even close to realistic for what they’re doing. We also had to explain why surfing the web while in a store wasn’t costing them 4GB of data a month, and likely they weren’t on wifi at home when streaming was the culprit… it wasn’t the Millennials in the room that had trouble following this.


Actually smartphone “scanning” apps are surprisingly great-- they do edge correction, increase contrast, automatically find pages, flatten keystoning/perspective, upload to dropbox or google drive, etc. Very feature rich. I use Scanbot on iOS. It’s fabulous.


contrast that with my experience with millennials in the workforce: they’re accustomed to the ubiquity of the internet but have poor typing, critical thinking skills and don’t understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ things work, only that the internet has been there in the background their entire lives. the same generation overshare without thinking on social media etc.


I’ve seen that video on Facebook. It completely over simplifies Millennials with a long list of condescending complaints followed by apply no qualities whatsoever. It also makes you believe this isn’t the same complaint that every other generation lodges at the one coming behind them… which they have.


What video on Facebook?

I’m just relating the lack of “hard IT” skills I’ve observed in the millennials at work.


The one floating around the Social Media sites for about 2-3 weeks now with your talking points on it.


nope. honestly, i have not seen such a thing before. i was just kvetching about the maroons at work. my facebook is heavily stripped down by using the fbpurity addon.


Hey, thanks for this - I didn’t even know I wanted such a thing, but I just got it set up and tested it and I can see this being very useful.