Of the space sim games on Gametap, which is best?

I’ve got the joystick itch, and the ointment to fix it. That being said, I’m also looking for a space sim, but don’t know which ones suck.


Is that a joke? Freespace 2. Clearly…by far. Play it now.

That new one coming soon looks like it may be decent. Echo Command I think.

Is that Freespace: The Great War? I don’t see FS2 on there.


Freespace and Freespace 2 are both on there. For some reason, Freespace 2 was in a weird category (Arcade maybe?). Try just a text search.

You’ll want to play Freespace with the latest updates… will Gametap allow that?

Found it, thanks.


They’ve also got X2 or X3, if you’re leaning towards a sim rather than a shoot-em-up.

  • and you’re allergic to fun.

And some Battlecruiser 3000 games, if it’s a really bad allergy.

A lot of people liked Tachyon back in the day. No idea how it holds up. I haven’t tried Star Fury or any of the other semi-indy games they have on Gametap. Actually, I have a joystick on the way right now. I haven’t been able to play any sims for about a year, since I got this PC. My old Sidewinder isn’t USB.

Sorry for the somewhat tangent, but has anyone had luck getting a 360 controller to work well with Gametap games that don’t natively support it (and aren’t emulated arcade games)? I can never get the triggers to map, which is a pretty big hindrance. I booted up Tachyon last week, and it holds up pretty well, but I couldn’t get it to control satisfactorily with the gamepad and I’m not digging out the old flightstick just for this. Is there maybe a better driver out there?

Do they have X-Wing or TIE Fighter on GameTap? I think that might convince me to subscribe.

IIRC correctly FS2 is actually free now due to it’s funky license, so it’s moot whether Gametap will allow it. It’s also worth getting the graphical enhancement mods.


I don’t see any Lucasarts titles in Gametap’s catalog, unfortunately.


Tachyon is decent. Sort of a FS2 style freelancer, with a cool ‘strafe’ modifier thingie (change attitude but not direction of travel). And it has Bruce Campbell doing the narration.

Hmm…I thought Sam and Max was originally a Lucasarts game…

It was, but the Sam & Max on Gametap is not the original.


The source code was released to the game for free. The game in the box and its assets were not.