Office Chair Search, the 2021 addition

The gas cylinder on my Herman Mille Celle chair is shot. I’ve never truly been happy with this chair, so I am looking into replacing it entirely.

I have a horribly bad back, so good lumber support is important. I am also a large guy: 6’4, 250lbs,.

I have narrowed it down to two things:

My budget is ~$700 at the high end. None of the used chair stores near me have anything I like.


Aeron is the way to go. Sit in it first and make sure you like it.

You should be able to get your old chair fixed too, they have like an 11 year warranty.


Yeah. I am going to relegate this to my train room. One of my friends loves squeaky chairs, so he will have a field day with it.

I mean, you can get it fixed for free, if it’s under 12 years old. (It’s 12 years, not 11. Looked it up.)

I’m just jealous you have stores that sell used high-end chairs. We don’t even have stores with new high-end office chairs. And these are definitely things you want to sit in before buying.

Sitting on a 15 year-old Aeron that’s a daily use for me and has pulled double duty since the start of COVID. When it fails I’m getting another. These things rock with ONE exception.

Ass to nose time from farts is about .25 seconds. You’ve been warned.

Yeah I’ve had my Aeron since like 1998. Same chair.

please one person at a time in the fancy chair


I have an Aeron. Sometimes I sit in it to just read a book rather than my Lazy Boy. Best chair ever! Wow, I think I have it at least ten years might be 12.

Holy crap I laughed my ass off at this.

Be careful because there are knockoffs. IIRC the company website tells you how to know you are buying the real thing especially when looking at deals on various websites.

Dude I’m looking at the parts on that. Besides the armrests, it looks legit? Armrests are the #1 thing for wear and tear. You’ll see everything from eBay to craigslist with 3rd party armrests. If they bug you, get real ones. For sure if you see fabric armrests … not legit.

In truth, the armrests look a bit short (front to back) and unless REALLY worn, are not that shiny. It’s also missing the lumbar support bar but I believe that was an option at purchase.

The day you self-gas yourself is a defining moment as an Aeron owner.


I’m considering an Aeron purchase. I want to sit in one first. How can I find an Aeron to sit in? If I Google, I get dozens of fancy furniture stores, but none of them actually seem to carry Aerons. They have other stuff.

Also, I see lots of Aeron chairs listed on Amazon. Do you still get a warranty and so forth if you don’t buy direct from the factory? Is there a risk of purchasing an expensive knock-off chair from Amazon?

I bought a used one 15 years ago and have no regrets. It was a post dot-com bubble collapse surplus Aeron. Those can still be found, there is no end to businesses willing to fork over way too much money for office or executive conference room chairs and when they go belly up end up listed to hell and back on sales sites.

I’d sat in one though and used one for about 4 months at work before I purchased. I can’t describe the seat well but it’s a mesh, almost plasticized fabric that covers the back and seat. It’s giving, VERY breathable, and yet supportive. It is not hot like leather, and is not pinching or binding like straight plastic or metal based chairs. The plus of the chair is that it has multiple adjustments for back angle (and give,) chair angle, height, arm height, arm spread, lumbar height, etc. A typical office depot type chair will give you … a height adjustment. The only caveat here is to be honest about your body type as Aerons are rated based on small, medium or large frame bodies: A, B, and C respectively. They have excellent casters and legs, roll well and relax well if that’s your thing.

All that being said, I have no idea what to recommend in order to try one if you don’t have anything nearby with them. Shoot to see if you have a high end office furniture place nearby, not a chair place. Chances are they might have one with the furniture on display even if they don’t sell them.

Newer Aerons, which I covet, have better colors, better metal structure or highlights, better base support and better back support options. It’s -almost- worth looking at a new one, but for sure they think the things are made of gold. A used one that is still serviceable is very much still a great chair.

Yeah, absolutely. One of my colleagues has an Aeron, and if you just look at the main body, you wouldn’t know how used that chair is. The armrests, however, are completely worn off.

Also, yes, another vote for the Aeron, Mark. Definitely has more lumbar support than your average office chair. And due to it being a mesh, it’s still comfortable on a hot summer day.

Yep, Aerons are great. Got mine for I think $350 off Craigslist, very lightly used.

I had a solid lead on an Apron from a surplus store, but sadly they were already sold.

Cool, thanks for the information! Especially about the frame sizes. I saw the “C” rating listed somewhere but wasn’t sure what that meant. I will have to do a little more digging. Really appreciate the help with this.