Old World Manual - Link Now Added! :)

Good on you, man! I bought the game last week and was instantly befuddled.

A few points that occur to me:

  1. You shd explain exactly how people get their Unique Units; often newbies look for them on the tech tree and get confused when they don’t see them. So mention the need for Sovereignty to get garrisons and then strongholds (developing culture) and citadels (strong culture).
  2. Cognomens shd be mentioned in relation to a leader’s legitimacy.
  3. You don’t mention navies. Not a big feature of the game but anchoring to transport troops over water shd certainly be explained.

Okay - modified the legitimacy/landmark comment, added a short blurb on getting your UU in play, and added a short section on navies, including an anchorage/transport explanation.
I’m not 100% clear on exactly what impact cognomens have on legitimacy, tho i do know they can negatively impact relations with the AI (if your cognomen is better than theirs…lol)–PDF file has been updated with these changes.

I also talked to Solver re: the formula for determining the size of the bonuses you get with a point of any given ability score.
Apparently it’s called triangle, and is calculated thus:
(N * (N+1)) /2
With the following provisos:
Odd numbered triangles are rounded up to the nearest whole number even, and only you/spouse get full values, heirs and advisors get half, and courtiers add 1/3, all of which makes my head hurt even to type.

I don’t trust myself with the math enough to construct a table out out of all that, but if some enterprising math lover wants to take a crack at it, I’ll happily incorporate it into the work.

Oh…and governors bonuses are a “boosted triangle” which apparently is calculated from n+1. I’m not even sure what that means but I’m taking Solver’s word for it…lol

I’ll try to whip up a spreadsheet for the various governor/whatever bonuses from ratings… the formulas are there, but in some cases there’s also rounding up or down, and it’s less of a pain with a spreadsheet!

You da man! :)

Minor update, but forgot to add the VP stuff, so that’s now in, as is the link to the OW game here. :)

You’re continually updating the link in the main post? It always just says “1.0,” and there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell if it’s changed.

Yeah, I’m making daily incremental updates as I get feedback and suggestions, but I hadn’t remembered to change the version number because I’m scatterbrained. LOL

Also just streamed a quick vid demonstrating how to turn Assyria’s orders snowball into a veritable avalanche (pretty much destroyed a comparably sized army on the first turn of a war). Getting that ported to YouTube now…half an hour maybe, and it’ll be there.

Looks good on winning the game and nice section on building the unique units. Assyria is the country I’m least familiar, so I think I’ll watch your stream.

I think you’ll love the short vid “Assyrian Avalanche” it’s a decent demo that outlines how the Assyrian order generation perk can be abused.
Side note tho - Persia is arguably just as good at crushing it with this same basic strategy - although they don’t get the bonus orders, they do get extra orders from pastures, so by the late game, they’ve probably got significantly more than average and…their Paltron cavs don’t take a 1hp retaliatory strike when they attack (since they’re ranged units) so as long as your orders hold out, they can just…keep going.

Can you add something about city defense? I’m still very new and I’m not sure what’s happening when I attack a unit in a city. The unit loses some health (way less than usual as I expected) and the city loses some health, but what happens when the city gets to zero?

I think this is right:

  • The city gives loads of defence to the unit, which is why it takes much less damage (you can see this in the battle prediction if you hover).
  • The city itself takes damage during the attack (whether or not it has a unit present).
  • While the city has health remaining, a unit inside it cannot be killed.
  • When the cith hits zero health, it is occupied by your forces if it doesn’t have a unit inside. If it does, the unit must now be killed to start the occupation.
  • Once occupied, you have to keep a unit in the city for several turns before it counts as captured and enters your control properly.

Can do, @arrendek . And yes, an unwalled city has 10hp, but it doesn’t take damage the same way units do, and any unit inside the city can’t lose its last hit point until the city defenses are reduced to zero (at which point it takes damage normally and can be killed). Once the city’s defenses are gone and the last unit is eliminated, the attacking unit will “walk into” the city and begin capturing it (which takes from 3-5 turns, depending on the culture level when the city was captured).

Oooh, yes, please add that. I read the manual and learned a lot but was specifically looking for this as I got destroyed trying to take Babylon’s capital. You highlight Cimmerian Archers a lot in the manual and I very much know why now. :D

LOL - yes indeed…they are absolute monsters on the battlefield, especially when they start to cluster together, because they magnify each other’s power. Tuck a chariot behind them to rush in for 5-6 kill shots and very few things can survive an attack like that.

Persia is, IMO a very (VERY) close second with their Paltron cavalry (I call them “Meth Cav”) - they can rout, but they’re ranged, so…when your chariot or horseman unit makes an attack, he takes a point of damage in retaliation, but that’s not true of the Persian UU…and since they don’t take damage, they can just KEEP routing, as long as you’ve got orders and by the mid game, as Persia, you’ve got more orders than most, because you get half an order from every pasture. Evil!

@aerrendeck and you should see what just FOUR Cimmerians did to Rome in my Babylon game on YouTube. I’ve got …I think 9 of them now and Rome is gone…whoever gets attacked next is in for a world of pain.

Yup Cimmerians are my favorite UU. I have to say I’m a bit underwhelmed with Rome’s UU. I remember it being a bit better in early access. It ignores ZOC which is always helpful and has bonus defense against range (at the cost of the order) but other than that pretty generic.

On the other hand as you say, playing Rome is like moving down a difficulty level. Romulus ability to stun opponent is super powerful. So Rome does great in the early game. They have arguable the best shrines in the game. The 50% bonus to experience means that not only Roman units have more promotions but so do the leaders. Their shield generation is just phenomenal, I have trouble spending all of Rome’s shields so generally convert one or two to orders.

Naval units also have a blockade ability which should be mentioned - they can cut off the income an enemy derives from the overseas part of its trade network.

Have you changed the legitimacy addition to 2 points for being the first to discover a landmark (1 point if not)? I don’t see it in the updated version.

Mm, and you instead get no legitimacy if the landmark is in the territory of another civ already.