Old World (pka Ten Crowns) from Soren Johnson

I have played OW in probably 3 months, but I’m excited to try the new scenarios and campaigns, but what really grabbed my attention. I typically don’t go for either slavery or freedom, but with UU now tied to the number of laws, it’s nice revisit some of my earlier choices.

I also agree with Tom, food is commodity that always ended with too much, so increasing demand should make my favorite country Egypt even better.

Been watching your video series against Fluffy. Very informative and enjoyable, thank you. I wish my turns took only like 3 minutes each!

And the changes are live! Not a moment too soon, too. I was starting to suffer withdrawal.


Does this affect games in progress?

Yes, most changes apply to games in progress, so stuff like changed laws apply straight away.

Interesting - I have a game in progress around turn 80 and I’m pretty sure I have some of these laws in effect. When I fire it up after the workday, I’m curious how that will impact things.

Made what I thought was going to be a quick video about Unique Units that somehow clocked in at 50 minutes… >.>

Hopefully folks will find it exhaustive but not exhausting ;) I tried to cover the very basics in the beginning (how the heck do you build UUs) and eventually work up to more advanced considerations.

Is this the beta or the default game?

Very nice, @alcaras. I am hoping to get into some Old World in the month or two and your videos will be very helpful.

It’s a regular update.

Awesome thanks!

I subscribed to the More Turns mod on Steam Workshop. However, it does not appear to be active when setting up a new game and it is not in the mod list in Advanced Options. Furthermore if I go to the the Main Menu and select MODS and turn on Steam Workshop it does not appear in the list.

After subscribing I restarted Old World and still nothing. I even tried unsubscribing and resubscribing and still no luck. Any suggestions?

Mohawk continues to make great balance changes, adjusting and improving the game. Here’s a quick (does 25m count as quick?) video summarizing the changes:

I’m most excited about the historical nerd potential of the dynasty system.


It is on sale for 20% off ($31.99) on Steam

Ooo, nice. I’m waiting for a 50% off before I pick up a Steam copy and jettison EGS but $32 is a steal for anyone who doesn’t already own it.

Thanks for the breakdown, @alcaras. Very helpful to hear guys like you reading over the patch notes and adding your interpretations and commentary!

On Mohawk’s official stream yesterday, my newest favorite Old World streamer, nolegskitten, specifically attempted to push the new options for Inquiry. Very interesting to see in action. I’m not sure how I feel about introducing what looks like a relatively esoteric combo/exploit to boost early tech research, but I trust that those of you banging on the test build will make sure it’s properly sorted. :)


Old World is also on sale for $31.99 from GOG.

But don’t buy it from GOG if you plan to use Mac ARM support (because it isn’t there).

What you saw was probably a bug with the Workshop integration that’s fixed in the upcoming patch. But I’ll also note that specific mod is useless now, the turn limit is off by default and it’s just a toggle in the advanced game setup, you don’t need a mod one way or another.