OLED TV: is it time?


right right… but all that 1080p content… is that going to be better, worse, or break even on a OLED? vs a 1080p plasma… that’s what I’m kinda curious about.


It will look much better. Remember 4k is logically four 1080p displays in a 2x2 configuration, so you can double each pixel and get pixel-perfect matching. And of course you get the other benefits of OLED like perfect blacks.


Netflix requires the 13.99/month plan for 4k streaming, afaik. Amazon prime will stream in 4k with no upgrade, afaik.


The beauty of OLED is that it makes everything look fucking AMAZING. Even kids cartoons at 720p will blow your mind.


Well, a 4K TV, OLED or not, isn’t going to make 480p content look amazing. But, yes, 1080p looks great and 720p looks fine.


Don’t forget the onboard apps are all 4k. Vudu, Hulu, Netflix etc.


Pulled trigger w/ClevelandAV . thanks for all the suggestions and feedback!! excited and can’t wait to see it.
(and sad to see my 42" plasma go in a way…)


If you try, you can see that 1080p is a little softer than it probably would be on a 1080p native panel. But you have to try because all the improvements, most notably the incredible contrast, get in the way. Right now, 85% of what I do on the set is at 1080p, and it looks good enough that I’m picking up cheap Blu-rays and waiting on UHD discs and players until Dolby Vision becomes more prevalent.

What might be more tricky is motion resolution and juddering, but I’m not the best person to give feedback on that since I’m not as sensitive to it.

Oh, and if you’re going 55", I’ve heard that the uniformity stuff I mentioned earlier is apparently less prevalent at that size.


It looks better than I expected, though. Of course, my expectations are probably lower than some, but I’m playing both Wii and GameCube (component connection) games on it, and they don’t look half bad.


Games look alright. SD TV does not benefit from being blown up, though.


True. Bleh.


I’m actually gonna have to switch up my wiiU now… I currently have it going in to the older Plasma via component connection.


In theory you could make sd content look great, I’ve seen demos of processing that does great job, but doing it real time in a consumer tv chip may never happen.


If you have a Frys near you, run don’t walk…


yea… noticed that… SADLY no Fry’s on the west coast :(

Good news mine arrives FRIDAY!!! :)
does a jig


I understand there’s no Fry’s conveniently located near you, but it’s kinda weird to say there are none on the west coast since they started in California and still have 17 stores throughout the state (plus some in Oregon and Washington too).


Totally weird… and a typo.

I ment to say… I’m NOT on the West coast, so SADLY no Fry’s near me :(


LOL, I paid 2600 at Best Buy last week and they refunded me the difference when LG dropped it to 2300.

It’s gonna look great on Friday. I was streaming Men In Black 2, and there’s a scene where NYC has a brief power outage, and the TV’s blacks were so accurate compared to my old Samsung LED, that it looked like my TV turned off briefly during that scene.


Woo! Peeps on AVSForum are reporting that the 4.70.30 update available on the LG website fixes the Youtube HDR issue.


You bastards. After spending the last year convinced that my next TV was going to be a Samsung LCD, I ended up breaking down and grabbing one of the $1500 Black Friday LG OLEDs.

Actually liking it so far. Haven’t noticed the ABL kicking in yet, which was my primary concern. Good brightness, the air mouse remote is great, apps start up fairly quickly. Only picture tweaking I’ve done is to disable TruMotion.