OLED TV: is it time?


hit the voice button, try out the “turn off tv” voice command.

screen pops up where i have to manually select the yes choice.

by manually select, i mean, hit the middle OK button on the remote.

the remote. the one with the on/off switch.



Oh, I’ve never even tried to use it for voice commands. Just for text input in searches.


Interesting - I actually was able to find a buyer for a 42" plasma at $75! Maybe I got a little lucky. I search on facebook, and there does seem to be some floating out there between $100 up to $200 for a 50" (although I think that’s to high)

Perhaps some people do understand that a older plasma still looks good versus an old LED tv.


Sure, prices have come down a lot, but you still can’t buy a new 42" TV for anything remotely approaching $75. If you have a guest room or basement and want a TV, that’s a great deal.


Someone bought my 46" Panasonic Plasma for $150 back in August. Nice surprise to have a buyer. That thing is damn heavy.

I’m wondering now how much I’ll be able to sell my LCD for (Sony KDL-55W900A 55-Inch)


Maybe $250 max. $200 would go pretty quickly, I’d think. New 55" TVs start around $450.

There’s a guy on Amazon trying to get $1200 for his. Heh, good luck.


I got tired of waiting for the OTA update and installed the new LG firmware from the website. Youtube HDR is working again and looks amazing! Now I have to test if it’s fixed a bug seemingly introduced in the last firmware, where it forgets my favourite channels every time I turn off the TV.

Edit: So far so good! We’ll see how it handles being switched off overnight though.


Has anyone configured their TV to stream PLEX 4k content yet? If so, how did you go about setting it up? Although, I think the bottleneck I’m seeing is my i5-6600K CPU (which is still really good, but transcoding 4k just requires a LOT of power)

I was able to stream some youtube content claiming to be 4k and it looks awesome. I haven’t tried Amazon just yet.

I really want to see the TV in it’s GLORY!!! (as 1080i looks about on par with the 10 year old plasma)


Haven’t tried anything 4K in Plex yet. Waiting on my NAS, which can in theory do 4K hardware transcoding. Not sure I have any 4K content on my PC at the moment though.


The only content that looks bad to me on the 65" OLED is sports. It’s so easy to see the digital artifacts now, particularly with NFL games. I can see the grass on the field go from crystal sharp to blurry as the codec is frantically processing the data while (poorly) handling the fast motion of the players. I didn’t notice these artifacts nearly as much on a smaller 1080p plasma. Watching sports directly OTA vs streaming looks better but not by much.

Hopefully the transition to 4K broadcasting will fix it.


Sports across the board or specific channels? I’ve noticed an issue with Fox channels (because they apparently film in 720p) but not with CBS/NBS which film using 1080i cameras.


I haven’t been paying attention. I think it’s across the board but maybe Fox is the worst and I notice it there the most.


Effing Comcast:

We expect to move most all HD channels to 720p60 delivery in the future.

From 1080i or higher, downgraded before it hits your set.


I guess this is the 4k threa? Am I allowed in with my great Sony LED TV?

My comment is about 4K HDR content. It seems to me that Apple TV 4K is the winner these days over even the Roku: more content at better prices plus more apps released earlier etc.; but I’m not a big Apple guy. Plus Amazon / wal-mart are slashing prices on 4k UHD blu-ray, but I don’t have a player.

What are you all using as your sources, and what is recommended?


What part of “OLED TV: is it time?” are you having trouble with?


Uh, you’ll notice there’s a bunch of discussion on sources and programming?



I’m mainly using Netflix/Amazon. I’ve basically ditched my Roku, which wasn’t 4K anyway, as the LG’s apps are fine, other than the lack of Twitch, which apparently isn’t on Roku any more either. I have an XboneX for UHD Blu-Rays, but I only have a couple at this point. Hoping that I can get them via Cinema Paradiso (old school Netflix style DVD rental service).


My new OLED65B7A arrived a few hours ago. What a beautiful, beautiful picture. I’ve been noodling through the menus trying to figure out the optimal configuration. Any suggestions?


Congrats on your new TV!

I used rtings calibration guide.