On Being A "Woke" Gamer

This popped up on my phone today, courtesy of the NYT. It discusses board games in particular, but could just as easily apply to video and computer games.

Other than wargames which model armies, which games do this?

I guess it is a good thing Victory Games published Pax Britannica in the 80s.

For the record, the NYT article does not once use the word “woke”, as an adjective or otherwise. That particular slice of linguistic cancer is all on the thread starter.

True, but I was trying to avoid the cliche of “PC”

I’d avoid PC, woke and illuminated. :) Oh and basic.

My new punk band name.

This thread makes a good companion with the “games to play when you’re super tired” thread.

Probably should consolidate threads: this is the third one.

IIRC, there was a slave trade in Europa Universalis.

Stupid NYT, promoting discussion! Mutlithreaded discussion, at that!

collapses from the vapors, back of my hand to my head

That’s ok, the author of the article is doing that while clutching his pearls. Maybe we all need a fainting couch these days.

I clicked the link to read but it requires a subscription. Is there a way to read it without subscribing? (I’m not against subscribing in general; NYT just isn’t something I’d normally read)

Go here. The NYT author is just regurgitating a BGG thread from 3-4 months ago anyhow. Might as well link to the article on BGG. The circle of busybody twitter-esque BGG outrage and “how do I write something provocative without leaving my Computer” journalism is now complete (again).

There is a link in the boardgaming 2019 thread that defeats the paywall

You sound woke.

COBOL racist

Are we allowed to say “extra”? I’d hate to see it go, “extra” has been my favorite new word of 2019.

Question: do city builder games like the Caesar series model slave labor in some way?

Off the top of my head one of the few city-builder games I can think which does include slave labour is Haemimont Games’ Grand Ages: Rome. Otherwise, typically topics like that have commonly been omitted from most city-builder games in regards to gameplay mechanics. Closest thing I can think of for now in the Caesar games from Impressions is the cinematic ending you get for failing a mission in Caesar 3, where you get reassigned to be a chained up oarsman on a ship in the Roman navy.