OnePlus One: anyone getting one?

Friend got his today and has an invite he’ll shoot my way. For $350US you seem to get a lot of smartphone.

Not me, but I want an invite…not for myself, though; it’s for a guy at work. He asked me to check it out a month ago, and I reasoned that this phone offered the most bang for the buck, if it delivered everything it said on its website.

So? How does your friend like it? Have you got a chance to play with it?

Just as a note? Anyone in the UK, basically forget using this with 4G. It /can’t/ do it on some networks, and is apparently slower than 3G on the others.

(Seems an…odd place to economise, but oh well)

Apparently people are being charged customs fees as that’s not included…
I’m also cynical about the 16GB version as it lacks a SD slot.

Waiting for friend’s impressions of his and for me to borrow/play with it before I decide to buy mine. 64GB for $350 is enough to make me forgive the omission of an SD slot.

Looks like nice hardware and well done, unobtrusive software, but too big for me.

Friend of mine wants one to replace is old Galaxy S2, but hasn’t received an invite yet.

$350US turns to $440 Canadian after shipping and conversion.

rei - Yea, but of course the headline price is the 16GB model.
rolls his eyes (It’s…marketing)

The customs thing is more serious though, and I’m yet to see them address it.

The base 16GB model is $299 US.

Wow, this thing is a beast. 3100 mah battery makes it last forever.

How’s the camera & the pictures?

Passable. Better than N4 worse than iPhone 5. Lowlight sucks. I don’t care much about camera quality though.

Paranoid part of me worries that this is like one of those early “unlimited storage space USB drives” that basically looped and rewrote 128mb of data haha

It’s a fascinating device and the right price; I’m hankering to get off VZW and upgrade our GS3s, but until I can afford the upfront costs of new devices (ideally compatible with Sprint, as unlimited 4G is absolutely required for our usage scenarios) and first-month’s service with a new provider, it ain’t happening.

I hear that some of the OnePlus availability and marketing was a little screwy, though, and they’re supposedly a pretty small outfit, so I’ve been admittedly a little nervous getting too amped about them.

Why do they switch the damn back and switcher buttons ? Why can’t they keep it like HTC/Nexus? What a pain in the ass.

Every manufacturer has their own ridiculous notion of button layout.

Of course, any sensible person will acknowledge that the ideal layout is Menu, Home, Search, Back. And yes, goddammit, I still want Menu and Search buttons.

You want your search button? “OK Google”. There’s your search button Sonny!

Okay Google works form some places and not from others, particularly on my non-Nexus device.

True story: the real reason I miss the Search button is that I have a comically bad sense of direction and am a paranoid, neurotic driver. Having a single button, whose location I had mapped to muscle memory, that when long-pressed would always give me the Voice Search prompt to say “Navigate to My House Because I’m a Goddamned Child Who Gets Lost 2 Miles from Home” was a splendid thing when I was surrounded by crazy Raleigh drivers and afraid to look away from the road long enough to find the proper part of the scree to press.

It’s sad, but really, what part of my life isn’t?

How about the touch version of “OK Google”: Touch Home key, then swipe up? On Nexus, it brings up with Search, or Google Now with a search bar.